How To Be Wise In Emotion And Emotionally Dependent Person

How To Be Wise In Emotion And Emotionally Dependent Person.What do we do when an emotion  negatively emerges in us? Trying anger, anger, or exasperation causes us an instinctive reaction that drives us to control what we feel. However, the opposite is often the case. Being aware of these and other emotional gears will allow us to pass on a pleasant path of emotional wisdom.

With emotional wisdom, we can best manage our emotions,  avoiding exploding excessively in underdeveloped moments and feeling stifled by all the sensations that thrust within us. The lovers call them butterflies in the stomach.

1. Do not imprison your emotions

What did they tell you when you were little? Certainly phrases such as “stop crying,” “a child of your age does not act like that,” “look bad as I assume when you’re angry” …  All these seemingly innocent sentences spoken by parents foment the repression of emotions .

In addition to this,  we have the idea that men should not weep and that women are too sensitive. Such beliefs, among many, make us repress the emotions we experience.

It is important to know when to let go of what you feel.  For example, if you are negotiating for something important, venting your anger or crying excessively will certainly not be the best move for the future of the deal. However, this does not imply that you can not vent you later or that you can not express your dissent without compromising the negotiation.

You can express your emotions appropriately. If anything annoys you, you can say it! Through educated phrases, you can free some of that emotion that pervades you and convey valid information to the other, who will understand that you do not have to go that way.

2. Do not always keep the same control

Sometimes the problem is not just the lack of expression of one’s emotions with others, but you try to control them when there is nothing wrong with trying them out. That is, have you ever tried to keep crying, even if you were alone at home? If so, you have tried to curb an emotion that would have been better to let go.

Repressing what you experience causes the phenomenon of “let down emotions,” a factor not conceived by emotional wisdom. As you go down, the more emotions will accumulate and sooner or later they will end up coming out. The result of all this will almost certainly be a major disaster.

Certainly you will know someone, or maybe you are yourself, that in certain moments explodes in poor situations and do not deserve such a degree of aggression, anger or sadness. This is because such emotions have been repressed for a long time and now emerge.

Only one detonator can cause the escape of all that has been attempted to control deeply, but which, by irony of fate, is uncontrollable. It’s time to release them when needed.

3. As emotions are human, you must learn how to deal with them

Emotional wisdom not only allows to free emotions, but to focus on a very important aspect: how to learn how to do it. Every emotion brings us something, a teaching  that you need to know how to interpret well before it disappears. In fact, once we listen to them and that we will be willing to act, emotions will vanish to energize our actions.

It is not a matter of treating them as enemies or placing them on the other side of the ring. If we conceive them in this way, the most logical thing is that they play this role. And not because it is theirs, but simply because we choose to give it to you. If we wait for anger to destroy us, we can be certain it will happen.

On the other hand, an ignored emotion may perhaps lose intensity, but without being resolved, we run the risk of reappearing at any time.  Stronger, more intrusive and when we are weaker … and, worse, without learning anything.

When we spend years trying to control and imprison what we feel, in the end our body begins to send us signals to let us know that something is wrong,  that is, stigmatize our emotions. Do not be so bad, stop suffering and start expressing what we feel when our emotions ask us. We will be much better.

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