Improve health by changing meetings

Parliament is nothing more than a meeting of more or less inactive people”

Walter Bahehot

I have already expressed at one time how much I loathe meetings as an example of an unfortunate waste of time in office work and what I would appreciate if I could find a way to shorten them to make them more productive .

On the other hand, the office is a place not conducive to health because most of the workday takes place while seated. And sedentary lifestyle can carry significant risks for our physical well-being, as the WHO shows :

  • It promotes  the risk of being overweightor directly obese, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, some types of cancers …
  • Consequently, it shortens life
  • Enhances the negative effects of menopause
  • Increases the chance of depression

Milofer Merchant , former CEO of several multinationals and a successful writer, has found the solution to face these two problems together : conducting meetings on foot or walking . Thanks to this measure, which he explains in the very brief and interesting talk that I collect below, he accumulates more than 30 km a week, and that has changed his life not only because of the positive repercussions on his health but also because of the improvement in your creativity as ideas flow better on the move .


This technique, called Stand-up Meeting , is applied quite regularly in the context of the so-called Startups (technology-based start-up companies) and allows for much more productive meetings , according to a study by the University of Washington in San Luis ( USA) . To be effective, a series of recommendations must be taken into account :

  • Do not do them with more than three peopleor after eating
  • It is necessary to take into account the physical state of the summoned and discard this option in cases of low resistanceor difficulty walking.
  • Prior notice to the summonedto come with comfortable clothes
  • Find routes that suit the timeavailable for the meeting and, if possible, outdoors
  • It is difficult to write, so it is advisable to use voice memos

It is something very simple, but its virtue may be in its simplicity , since it is very easy to start up and its effects on productivity are contrasted. And with this small gesture, we will not have to resort to our willpower to carry out that physical exercise that costs us so much and makes us so lacking


by Abdullah Sam
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