Importance of traditional games

When we are born, as part of the Living Beings that make up our planet, we have the need to fulfill our Life Cycle by carrying out the Food activities with which we reach the necessary nutrients to face the day to day, as well as the Relationship with other individuals or well with the environment that surrounds us and finally the Reproduction that allows us the transcendence of our lineage with the generation of a new being, taking place in certain stages and periods.

But in addition to the vital functions, the Human Being has the ability to abstract from the environment that surrounds them, making use of their Intelligence and Imagination and making way for what are called Abstract Entities , which are nothing more than simple ideas that originate in your thoughts and that may or may not be based on concrete facts or objects.

In this world is where the elaboration of Games and Hobbies is manifested , as the way to be able to cope with the moments in which daily life subjects us to different efforts, and letting our imagination flow to be able to entertain ourselves, also having a direct relationship with the development of the Cognitive Faculties and the way in which we see the world.

Thus, what are known as the Traditional Games are presented to us , defined by themselves as those in which only the imagination intervenes and which are widely used at an early age by the little ones as a form of Socialization and Interaction. with other peers of the same age range, belonging to their neighborhood, environment of the Educational Field or simply a temporary interaction that occurs in Plazas or Parks .

These games evolve as those who play them grow, initially having very simple rules, generally having to carry out some Physical Activity (it can be from carrying out a Race to searching for a particular object), often requiring large spaces and even playing these games outdoors

They are important in order to stimulate the Sociability of the little ones as well as the way in which they learn to abide and understand the different Norms and Rules that are imposed by others (in this case, agree on the Rules of the Game ) in addition to stimulating the imagination and learn to have fun without the need for auxiliary elements such as toys, videogames or amusements that technology provides us.


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