Importance of Hierarchy

We live in a society in which we all think differently, each of us has priorities, wishes, desires, concerns … but also a way of understanding work, carrying out its objectives and achieving everything has been proposed, either from a personal or professional point of view.

So, on many occasions, the key is to get the support of other people or create a working group to help us achieve that end. For this, it will be necessary to establish which individuals are important to us and which are the functions that they are going to perform.

It is then when we can speak of hierarchies. These are essentially used to establish an order of power within an organization , association, company, etc., and what is sought is that the activity carried out is done in the best possible way and always attending to the ultimate purpose for which was created.

The hierarchical order, obviously, goes from lesser to lesser importance and communication between all levels of command, power or responsibility are essential. It is necessary to understand that the more hierarchical levels there are between the maximum person in charge and the last one, it can indicate that there is a greater structure, which does not mean that it is the best one. Sometimes, a hierarchy that is too structured what it does is harm and cause the message to be distorted and the final work or activity is not carried out as expected.

The hierarchy will always be effective as long as the message you want to convey is made in a clear way and accepted by everyone. At this point, the key is that said hierarchy has the ability to communicate by all means at its disposal: e-mail, telephone, letter, fax, etc., in addition to holding all kinds of meetings, be they meetings with staff from other levels, meetings or visits, training courses , congresses, etc., to find out first-hand whether the objective sought is transmitted and carried out in the manner intended.

Hierarchies are necessary because they put a very clear order that everyone accepts, so that, to carry out any type of action, it must be transmitted to higher levels, which are the ones that will make the final decision, always based on the best for the whole. Something important in them is that all those who are in that organization, company, etc., have the opportunity and, with the appropriate training, the possibility of ascending to higher levels.


by Abdullah Sam
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