Importance of Tokens

We are used to being in direct contact with a large amount of data , having by themselves a practically null value, while if we process and order them we can arrive at obtaining information , which can be used later if it is stored correctly. and a means of search is facilitated, applying this task to many areas of our life .

One of the forms of application is precisely in the use of Tokens or Files , a term that we will surely know from the world of Computing, since it consists of the virtual derivation of the File Tasks that can be kept in a depository of Documents, Books o Databases in general, applied especially in Libraries or in places where you must have a Membership (in this case having a Personal File in which our data is recorded and access is allowed or not)

The most common application is in Libraries or Newspaper Libraries , using some Paper Sheets where a volume was stored and even some additional data that are stated by the Librarian who was in charge of making the file (for example, if the copy can be removed for consultation or if only one is available for consultation in the room)

Finally, we are also implementing Records as part of replacing coins or points in different games, running for example for a player to be able to enjoy a game machine (in the old Arcade) as well as their application in the Games of Chance where they are assigned to make scores or in those Betting Games where the player has tokens to his credit that are wagered on each hand, as in the case of Poker, Baccarat or derivatives.


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