Importance of Evacuation

Life in big cities can present numerous problems or conflicts. Some of them are related to the presence of security threats that may have natural origins (such as tornado-style disasters, earthquakes, hurricanes, tidal waves, tsunamis) or human origins (for example, attacks, bomb threats, kidnappings).

In either case, having an evacuation protocol is vital to achieve the least possible damage to human life and material damage.

Prevention against possible natural disasters as a way to improve life

There are certain places and geographical points on the planet where we find a greater tendency to witness natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis. All of these natural phenomena can be highly damaging and very dangerous for human life, since they alter the environment and prevent calm and safe life. In these cases, States must promote the use of evacuation protocols that are in accordance with the rules and that are designed according to the needs and characteristics of each case.

In this sense, the places that constantly suffer earthquakes have evacuation protocols that make people know exactly where to go and where not to stay in order to avoid as much damage or injury as possible. Evacuation always involves accessing open places, not being covered by structures or constructions, etc.

Evacuation in the face of unforeseen situations and their need

Despite the fact that natural phenomena can be detected more or less easily, there are human- generated situations where evacuation is also of great importance. We are talking about circumstances that normally involve violence, such as attacks, bomb threats, fires, kidnappings, shootings, etc.

In all these cases, people must also have a minimum level of knowledge about what are the expected attitudes to perform and which are not. In this sense, evacuation should take place in the most calm and serene way possible, especially if we are talking about large numbers of people involved.

At the same time, it is essential to go to spaces sheltered or protected from possible attack and to limit access to victims.

Lastly, evacuation must have as its first objective to allow people to escape but also to ensure medical and psychological assistance to those who may have been injured or emotionally affected. This is why it is very important to have health care services that offer this care quickly.


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