Importance of the Book

The book is today one of the clearest and even more important representatives of culture, despite the advancement of different technological supports that have made it lose part of its popularity . The book is undoubtedly one of the most relevant creations of the human being, not only in terms of conservation, but also in the transmission of culture, science, history, philosophy , etc. This is so since the book appears as one of the most common forms of recording data, information and numerous other elements that ultimately make the identity of the human being as part of civilization.

The book could be considered, in technical terms, only as a medium in which data is recorded and stored, a function that today is also fulfilled by several and numerous technological devices. However, what has not yet been taken away from the book is its great global reach, that is, the ease with which it has reached all corners of the planet, even those most distant. At the same time, the book still remains a much more economically accessible tool of knowledge than several of the technological devices that seek to replace it. In this way, the book is still today the main support and means of transmission of culture, of knowledge, of infinite knowledge produced by human beings.

The book has a relatively simple format, consisting of covers and a center consisting of sheets of paper on which the material and information to be transmitted is printed or written. Depending on the material in which it is made and the care given to it, the book can last for many centuries and be an extremely important source of information and knowledge for future generations.


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