Importance of Legends

Since the beginning of Humanity, man has been influenced by the environment or the world around him, finding himself curious about everything that happened to him and leaving records of what he saw as it was in the case of Rock Art , consisting of different writings or drawings on the Walls of Caverns that they used as a refuge, making themselves known the different types of animals that they hunted or even making representations about the members of their Community or Tribe .

These events began what was later the Tradition and Culture of a given population , and the proposals and the search for explanations to the different events that began began, and it was so that, far from being applied a Scientific Methodology (for technological reasons). , among other reasons) began to provide a belief, seeking an explanation for the phenomena of everyday life.

It was in this way that the Myths and Legends originated , which surely we will have read on more than one occasion, where the so-called Mythological Beings that were generally Human, Animal figures or a hybridization in these two large groups of living beings occurred. , who were responsible for the different physical and chemical phenomena that occur in the world.

These stories sought to provide an answer to what science had not yet been able to explain precisely, for example, Greek Mythology found a great development among its characters, each of them being in charge of the different characteristics of the world, as in the case of the God of Lightning , the Goddess of Love and other deities.

Each of the great nations also had its own legends, as in the case of Celtic Mythology , with their respective characters and stories, as well as Nordic Mythology , among other Fables and Stories that are part of the Culture and Tradition of a community. , country or specific region.


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