Importance of Tales

Since the beginning of the Human Race that man has understood that he should live associated with others, forming different Communities that allowed him to perform better at work in order to obtain Better Resources than he could achieve by himself, deriving this union in the formation of Villages or Tribes that were the precedent of what evolved in the Primitive Societies , with their respective basic organizations.

The growth of these populations led to a better social organization , where all members had a Sense of Belonging , defended their territory and even came to exchange resources with other communities, forming at this time what customs were and giving way to Tradition and Culture that starts from the rites and beliefs that were taken into account until the appearance of the Literature and Arts .

Among the different structures of Literature we then have the narrations that are called Tales , which are easily recognized for their simplicity, so we can easily recognize them because they do not have much length, and can be of very few pages or even up to not completing one (in the case of Short Stories )

As the main feature we find that they have a not so developed plot, with very few characters and a plot that does not have too much development, so perhaps one of the most developed genres is that of Children’s Stories , where reading is encouraged to the smallest through small stories that are usually accompanied by drawings, where Animal Fables prevail, also leaving a message or teaching instilling moral values ​​at an early age.

It is possible to find in certain regions or countries those known as Popular Stories , which are usually legends or short myths that develop a story about a character, which may be published in what is called the Anthology of Stories , a compilation of the most popular writings, which can also be a compilation of an Author or Popular Writers .

The narration of Short Stories and Stories is also frequent in different theatrical shows, generally humorous, where the Humorous Tales usually satirize different situations of daily life where a Narrator or Comedian is in charge of acting as a troubadour but making use of humor to be able Ironize about the characters or the story being told to the public.


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