Importance of Aztec Culture

One of the most powerful and well-founded cultures of our Humanity has been the one that took its place in the current territory of Mexico and in other current countries of Central America: the Aztec culture. This warrior town stood out among the various pre-Columbian peoples for its military power but also for the interesting number of cultural contributions they made to current American society and that greatly dazzled the Spanish who came to know the Aztec inhabitants at the same time.

The imposition of a culture that has been subsumed to European power

When the Spanish arrived in the city of Tenochtitlán they could not believe what they saw with their own eyes. That promised people, who for many would be nothing more than a group of half-naked people like all those they had encountered in America so far, had founded one of the most enormous and prosperous cities in history. The capital of the Aztec empire loomed before their eyes like a cosmopolitan city that they were used to seeing in Europe.

That was the first moment of approach to a culture that clearly was not minor. The Aztecs had reached their maximum splendor in the fourteenth century. Around 1300 the city of Tenochtitlán was one of the most populous in America and endless economic as well as cultural circuits developed in it. This made it one of the most powerful and important cultural expressions on the continent and in the world.

Elements that justify Aztec power over the other peoples of America

One of the main elements that characterized Aztec culture was its great military predominance and its strong warrior tradition. This, in addition to making them one of the most powerful towns of the time, allowed them to conquer a large number of smaller populations, which were subsumed under their aggressiveness and terror. There are chronicles and illustrations of the sacrifices they made to their many gods with prisoners who had been captured in battle.

In addition to the religious and ceremonial traditions to which they paid special attention, always related to the forces of nature and gods that represented them, they also knew how to stand out in arts such as textiles that allowed them to supply themselves with the most complex and beautiful fabrics in all of America. .

Metallurgy was of central importance since with the use of bronze and iron they managed to get hold of weapons that positioned them above the rest of the pre-Columbian peoples.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the sculptural skills that can still be seen today in funeral complexes, in museums or in different colonial buildings that took up the tradition. The astronomy and reflection on the skies allowed them to determine the existence of numerous constellations and thirteen heavens, each container of a different element of nature.


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