Importance of Photography

Photography is considered one of the most important artistic activities of the human being and its relevance has to do with many factors that benefit both those who carry it out and those who act as the public of their works. Photography is perhaps one of the last arts to develop since, unlike painting, sculpture, music, architecture or literature , it did not exist as such until the end of the 19th century when the first formats of primitive photography.

By photography we understand the act by means of which a person, through the use of a photographic camera prepared to reflect the reality that is observed from the use of lenses and work with light, portrays a particular moment or moment of life. Photography has the characteristic that it generates an image that serves as a memory of that moment that may not repeat itself and that is also seen and understood through the eyes of the person taking the photograph, which can make that image also become unrepeatable because of that fact since nobody may ever have the same look.

Photography can deal with different issues such as the landscape, everyday life, situations of violence, life in different spaces such as the city, for example, microphotography, etc. The variety is unlimited and the interesting thing is that this makes this activity extremely important because it allows the public to observe endless situations that would otherwise be lost or would not be known because a photographer had not been present at the appropriate time. This is clearly visible for example with the case of historical photographs that serve historians and specialists to rearm and reconstruct a specific moment in history or in the daily life of past times: the photographs of the beginning of the century show us how the different people of society lived, how they dressed, how they carried out their tasks in a much more faithful and realistic way than any painting or work of art.

Photography is also very important not only for what it leaves us but for what it allows the person who does it to achieve. In this sense, this activity requires the development of certain skills that one may not have at all, for example patience, detailed observation of the environment, creativity , inventiveness, the permanent search for unique images, etc.


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