Importance of Philosophy

Philosophy is the love of wisdom , as understood by the ancient Greeks, who wondered about such fundamental matters as existence, knowledge , truth, or morality . Universal issues as primordial that concern the human being from his base as being aware of his own existence in the world . This love of wisdom was the first step that provided the first notions of knowledge for the Western world and that today are the basis of Science , as we know it today.

That is why we can find the importance of Philosophy in its own existence as a discipline that has served as a constituent on which the rest of the study Sciences have been built. Philosophy has created culture , which are the eyes through which western society understands the world around it, and for this reason it is not only important, but also constitutes the cornerstone on which the existence of the current values ​​that We drive on a daily basis , without our being aware of it.

Despite the fact that we currently value it very little, or almost nothing, this science is the first that has fostered the advancement and progress of the human being in almost all other scientific, political and social disciplines through the question, but above all, by means of intellectual reasoning . This is what places men and women above the rest of living beings that populate the planet , since through the practice of Virtue they are directed towards the search for the Truth. These are the main axioms for Philosophy.

And so Philosophy has nurtured for centuries the curiosity of men and women , which has led them to analyze and reflect on the world around them, reaching deeper knowledge from an objective point of view. Consequently, Philosophy can be considered as the mother of scientific thought , whereby conclusions are reached through the creation of hypotheses that answer the questions; What is it? How? Why?

These are the questions thanks to which we can understand reality, or at least, if it were not possible, to approach it, always thanks to Philosophy. Because it teaches us critical thinking , studying logical reasoning, and establishing the main differences between theory and its implementation. In short, Philosophy leads us to question the world, to understand it, to establish new objectives, with the purpose of improving it.


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