Importance of Training

It is complex to define the concept of training without almost standardizing it with that of education. In effect, both ideas are linked to the transmission of different aspects that make the culture of an individual, a group of people or the whole community. The importance of training lies in fact in the dissemination of parameters as valuable as the values ​​of a society, the practical or theoretical knowledge of different disciplines, the customs that give shape and reason to a people and, of course, the behaviors that define the idiosyncrasy of a people.

Therefore, training (in its comprehensive sense, beyond just knowing) must be distinguished from information (understood as knowledge of data with various characteristics ). Training cannot exist without a solid component of information, but information alone does not guarantee the formation of a person or a human group at all.

Other authors prefer to distinguish between the ideas of training and education, assimilating the former as the formal content of the educational aspects. In this way, the so-called informal education would not be integrated as an element of the training itself, but this concept would be reserved to define the learning of life in society from birth and throughout the years of life. Thus, socialization could be considered as a specific form of training in which the individual is molded and adapted to the surrounding environment.

The training , traditionally linked to urbanity and to school, teacher or university education, has received great modifications from the growing expansion of the Internet with its multimedia content and, especially, from the possibility of offering courses and educational workshops. from distance. In addition to ensuring access to a much higher proportion of potential learners, this strategy ensures greater interaction with teachers, since debate is incorporated into the training through forums, comments and other digital tools in real time.

Therefore, the importance of training reaches superlative levels that, thanks to technology , has spread in a proportion only comparable to that observed with the birth of the printing press more than five centuries ago.


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