Importance of Graffiti

Graffiti is a conceptual art that in many cases is controversial because its author makes his pictorial creations in urban furniture and facades without requesting permission. However, the reality is that many of these creations are authentic art that animates the space through current and modern aesthetics. An Aesthetics that completely changes the surface of a boring wall to fill it with an entity and a totally different life.

Graffiti has its own language, that is, it is a way of communicating a specific message

These works are usually marked by color, that is, they are very visual works that capture the attention of people who walk through a place.

It should be pointed out that, in many cases, behind the creation of a graffiti there is the self-taught art of a person who has learned from his own experience to shape his illusions. Aerosol cans of different colors are used as the material to carry out these urban works. The key usually lies in using different tones that harmoniously combine with each other, giving rise to a very striking visual aesthetic.

Also, before taking the step of creating graffiti on the street, many authors train previously by creating their designs on paper. In this case, these are small-scale drawings compared to that magnitude that works on the street can take.

Graffiti offers a new concept of art within the reach of ordinary people. And it is that, while many art lovers visit galleries and museums in cities as well known as Madrid, New York or Paris, on the contrary, graffiti is an art that meets those who walk through an area and are attracted for an image that in many cases hides a social demand. You don’t need to buy a museum ticket to enjoy this art.

There are spaces specially marked by this art, created from social spontaneity. For example, around the Berlin Wall one of the greatest expressions can be seen, spreading multiple messages.

New art concept

As in any type of artistic manifestation, there are high-quality creations while there are others of very little value. Beyond specific rules , the characteristic note of this type of creativity is the freedom that the author has to graphically express a point of view or inspiration.


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