Importance of Literary Genres

The literature as an art form start words.- literature as an art form is one of the oldest still in existence since time immemorial in which people wrote their stories and exploits for posterity. Literature today is a complex set of artistic forms that, although they share the written word with each other, differ greatly in terms of the forms, styles, length and interest or objective of which it is composed.

This is how literary genres arise, different types of literary composition that aim at different objectives and express different forms of perhaps the same reality. The importance of literary genres is that they are the basis of all written elaboration whenever we speak of writing as art. Thus, each literary genre contributes its own wealth to a fact that can be told in different ways. When we talk about literary genres we must mention three main genres: the epic-narrative genre, the lyrical and the dramatic.

An opportunity to get to know them better: characteristics and differences of literary genres

To better understand each literary genre it is necessary to characterize it and distinguish it from the rest. First of all we must mention the epic-narrative genre, perhaps the one that is most massively consumed today since it includes the subgenres of short stories and novels. In addition, within this genre are also the epic, the epic, the singing of deed (three sub-genres related to warrior and war themes) and the fable (closely linked to mythology and fantasy).

All these subgenres within the epic-narrative are written in prose. Secondly, we find the lyrical genre, which includes all the forms that we know as poetry: song, satire, ode, elegy, hymn, romance and epigram. Each of these sub-genres in turn has its own characteristics regarding its format, duration and themes.

Finally, we find the dramatic genre that is the source of all the plays and screenplays of movies that we know today: tragedy, comedy, melodrama, tragicomedy and farce are its subgenres. The dramatic genre is the second most widespread thanks to the proliferation of scripts.

The words are the same, the compositions different

In the same way that occurs with other arts, in literature the basis of composition is written words. These are always the same, as is the carmine color for the painter or the marble for the sculptor. But the work of words and their transformation into something superior, specific and with certain characteristics is what makes the writer an artist.

Writers are generally inclined to write within a literary genre because of the comfort with which they do so but also because of what they want to tell and how.


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