Importance of Empathy

The living human community allows us to develop different emotions and moods, as well as behaviors that involve us all and make us to act differently in certain situations. One of these attitudes is empathy, perhaps instinctive but that the world in which we live today with its hectic rhythm more covers us.

An attitude that has to do with an instinct

As the human being is a gregarious being, that is to say, who is accustomed by nature to coexist with other peers, life as a whole is part of the essence that defines us and therefore it is very difficult or almost impossible to live absolutely isolated and distant. of all civilization.

In this coexistence different behaviors arise that are also inherent to the human quality and that can be from the most sensible and supportive or selfish and evil. Among them we find empathy, that quality that makes a person feel or get excited about the suffering of the other. Understood as a perhaps abstract form of solidarity , empathy is what allows us to feel that another person is not well and therefore, by feeling that suffering in our body and soul, act to help that person to get ahead or at least comfort her.

The development of emotional intelligence

In order to better understand why empathy occurs in a person, it is interesting to note that it has to do with the ability to develop certain levels of emotional intelligence , which makes us sensitive and permeable to suffering both our own and that of others. .

While there are people who are educated and raised without the slightest interest in developing emotional intelligences but perhaps cognitive ones, there are also people who, due to the way in which they have been raised or even through lived experiences, have a high sensitivity towards what it happens to others and therefore they show greater empathy in situations of pain or suffering.

Why is it necessary to be empathetic with our peers?

We all know that the societies in which we live lead us to be quite individualistic beings, more concerned with their own good than with the community good.

However, it is important that empathy becomes a common and normal attitude among us because the well-being of a community will depend on it. This is because being in solidarity, listening to others, accompanying them in their suffering or helping them is what makes us human and enriches us as human beings


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