Importance of Economic Activity

Since the beginning of humanity that Human Beings managed to understand, like other living beings , that the action of the Relationship with the environment as with other individuals in their life cycle was going to give better returns than leading a life alone, Therefore, he joined forces with other subjects in order to face the dangers and adversities that the environment that surrounded them presented him.

This union allowed them to obtain Greater and Better Resources , being able to have a better supply of their needs as well as the formation of Villages or Tribes that consisted of a community that was in constant growth, being able to even have contact with other communities , being able to be hostile or well allied, having an Exchange of Goods.

It was there when the antecedent of the concept of Economic Activities was fully introduced , these being all the actions carried out by human beings in order to be able to perceive or contribute with Goods and Products , taking into account physical wear and tear or the consumption of a Raw Material that has been duly obtained from different sources.

Although this concept can be linked to Commerce , it is also applied to the tertiary industry of Services , where the exchange takes place on the one hand for an art, trade or knowledge of an individual who obtains a Fungible Asset as it is legally considered to be Money. , having for this the agreement of a term, exchange conditions and qualities of what is sought to exchange.

We must not dismiss as an Economic Activity the form of payment of Exchange of Goods , being commonly known as Barter since it also pursues a profit purpose and can range from the Exchange of Objects to even the possibility of Offering Services of any kind in exchange for others (for example, a Plumbing job that is exchanged for a Woodworking job )

Each of these activities allows citizens to Solve Basic Needs (from the scope of Health Services such as Housing and Food) while the income that exceeds this basic line are considered as Profits , which can be put to Investment in order to generate a greater amount of income in the future or to be saved and accumulated as a Savings or Safeguard against any random factor that arises and that needs a strong expenditure of money in an unforeseen way.


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