10 importance of Marketing

Marketing tells us that companies must keep the market within them and not outside as usually happens, that is, it expresses to companies that they should not make any kind of decisions without first considering what the market needs. If you want to achieve a successful company, the market must lead, and not the managers or workers. This translates as marketing.

This area is the one that assumes responsibility for the relationship of companies with their markets and can occur through communications, sales, distribution channels, among others. However, the most important function of marketing is to develop and improve the products of companies, so that they are as much as possible to what the public expects in terms of tangible aspects (services or products). If this were to happen, the public would test the product and consume it more often.

The importance of marketing and the current situation

Every company is beginning to discover the importance of marketing, first because international competition forces them, and secondly because new and unknown segments of the domestic market are appearing. A new idea is emerging, which understands that the success of the company depends on how much they understand and satisfy the needs of the market, both new and old markets that change day by day.

The evolution of managers over time

In most cases, it is a managerial issue. Older managers used to working according to their own instincts are being replaced by younger managers, with better studies and knowledge, because they know that sales, advertising of companies should be based solely on the needs of the market. The old managers did push (they pushed the sale), while the young managers work more the pull (they pull their consumers to prefer their products). This new generation is transforming the marketing function in companies, and it is showing how useful it is.

Any company in any sector tries to offer a good product or service at a competitive price. The business world is complex and has diverse dimensions, but employing some form of marketing strategy is essential to optimize business effectiveness. A good product associated with a bad image is very likely not to sell well.

In recent times, greater importance is being given not only to the messages that are transmitted, but also to the way in which it is being transmitted, which is why university careers oriented to Advertising and Creativity have become more popular, in addition to analyzing the different strategies that allow you to reach a greater number of people.

Technicalism around the etymology

It is known in Spanish as Mercadotecnia , and derived from its French language equivalent Mercatique, or mostly known for its English reference marketing.

Who is considered the mentor of this movement, Philip Kotler, has defined it as an administrative and social process that tends to satisfy a need through the creation of all kinds of services and goods, by individuals in particular or either by producer groups.

That is why this assertion is derived as an area of ​​study in which it seeks to analyze the different needs of prospective customers to be able to market a product, obtain profits from it, or simply seek that it is disseminated in the best possible way. , this practice being related to its publicity.

A key tool in the business world

Marketing experts consider that it is essential to set short, medium and term objectives. For this, it is necessary to collect all possible information on all kinds of aspects: the product to be sold, the customer to whom it is addressed, the support of the campaign, the most opportune moment to launch it, etc. Obviously, all these aspects must be developed by qualified people.

Firm goals to obtain the expected results, and to rely on the feelings

To arouse interest in an audience, it is advisable that the messages are clear and direct. Humor and an optimistic approach are two paths that usually connect with consumers. In this sense, it should not be forgotten that marketing has an emotional dimension.
It is interesting to know what others are doing, but each company must find its own way. On the other hand, we must not forget that advertising is governed by certain legal regulations that must be respected.

The client is always right, and when he is wrong, who is hardly aware of it, it is necessary to strive for subtlety

Marketing then leads to a large number of activities whose main objective is the satisfaction of the potential customer that must be captured, by offering a specific product or service, considering not only obtaining the highest possible profit, but also something derived of this, which is the largest number of users possible (that is, that our product or service reaches the largest number of destinations).

Also, it contemplates being able to obtain the greatest benefit from a specific product, seeking to target different market sectors and that they are able to pay the price according to each product (also set by the different market analyzes that must be carried out), also known as Commercial Strategy, considering as part of it Promotions and Advertisements related to the product.

For this reason, marketing should not be confused with advertising or advertisements, these being only tools that are part of Marketing, as part of Market Positioning and different studies that are carried out based on sales strategies.

Typical mistakes of online marketing

– There are companies that communicate good messages, but forget two-way communication , that is, the consumer must also actively participate in some way; for example asking questions or making comments and evaluations.

– With some frequency, social networks are used to publish existing content and not to create new content.

– Not always a greater number of visits implies an increase in sales. In this sense, there are contents with a reduced number of visits but that generate a qualitatively important value.

– Experts advise taking maximum care of the content of a message. Thus, it must be written with correct spelling, creatively and in affordable language.

– Avoid talking too much about yourself. On the contrary, it is better for users and customers to express their opinion about a product.

– Online marketing does not work miracles. In other words, if a product is good the opinions will be favorable and if it is bad it will produce criticism.

– You do not have to be in a social network because it is fashionable, but in those where the target audience to whom a message is directed is found.

– Posting too often and at a great rate is not always effective. Sometimes it is preferable to publish less content but with high quality.

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