Importance of Airspace

Airspace is an area that occupies part of the atmosphere, land and sea, if you have it in the territory , which is controlled by a nation. Through this, perfectly measurable, the passage of all types of aircraft is allowed or not depending on their activity, be it commercial, the transport of people , the military, etc. The importance of airspace is that within it, a whole series of stations, radars and all kinds of supports have been created that makes the control of all the flight devices within it visible to the people who are control. In this way, in an organized way, it is possible to distribute flights through that area without any accidents.

Each flight device is assigned a number and a series of devices inside make it reachable at any point in the geography . Thus, it is possible to locate them at any point of this, know where you are going or where you are coming from and, in case of any problem, help you land in the most suitable place and where there is less danger. Every nation is assigned a zone or airspace based on its size and needs. Internationally, the maximum and minimum distances that an airspace must have and the type of classes there are have been specified.

In fact, there are areas where commercial and other flights are free, controlled by the different control towers that exist in the different airports in the country, and others that are for strictly military flights. The importance of airspaces is that they regulate air traffic, which increases in number of passengers and planes every year, avoiding all kinds of problems, accidents and, at the same time, giving fluidity, speed and assisting in the flight of the same devices. . Let’s think that if this control did not exist, it would be very difficult to know where each aircraft is, on the part of other planes it would be impossible to know if they have a plane or not, and therefore, accidents would be something very common and more dangerous.


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