Importance of Abolitionism

It is a current of thought that has promoted the suppression and annulment of all those norms and customs that attempt against an ethical or moral principle, or some basic and elementary human right .

This doctrine was the pioneer when it came to banishing the conception that endorsed that one person was the property of another, which could be exploited for especially economic purposes, and the one that finally achieved the abolition of slavery in the world, when it was, unfortunately, an extended reality that cut development for millions of people .

Pioneer in the abolition of slavery, supports the decriminalization of abortion and prostitution

Currently, this ideology supports the decriminalization of abortion and prostitution, two practices that in many parts of the world still continue to be crimes, and therefore generate punishments of mandatory compliance.

In the matter of prostitution, it promotes: the punishment of pimps, something that the laws traditionally do not contemplate, and which are those that subject women and take all the economic gains, recognize women as victims and not consider them guilty, eradicate social demand, and dedicate all efforts to solving the deep problems that unleash it, such as the lack of work and opportunities that justly lead women to develop prostitution to support their families, generally numerous and very deprived.

On the other hand, he considers that to continue criminalizing women is to continue promoting the practice, the dark and clandestine plot, and its cruellest aspects such as exploitation and trafficking.

And something similar happens with the case of abortion, not criminalizing women who do not want to continue with a pregnancy that they do not want and allowing them in every instance the power to freely decide on that option.

Current driving the abolition of the penal system

Inspired by this doctrine, born several centuries ago, a set of beliefs have appeared that have also adopted the name to defend their position of abolishing the current penal system, which of course includes the prison system, in charge of containing the criminal to reform it, that judging by those who support this idea, it does not fulfill this purpose at all, but quite the contrary, the deficiencies attributed to said system are considered to directly attack the reform and obtain an individual who can return new to society , without being a threat.

It is a belief that has awakened and continues to awaken in its wake a host of controversies and criticisms, including that it is an alternative only applicable in developed societies, organized from every point of view in a satisfactory way, and with small territorial dimensions, that the proposal absolutely forgets the victim’s suffering, equating it with its victimizer, a situation that in a highly unequal context does nothing but collaborate in continuing to widen the chasms and injustices.

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