The importance of internal communication for sales

The internal communication is a very undervalued strategy.

This should not happen, since the way the manager communicates with his employees is a prohibited message on how they can treat their customers.

When working with sales , communication is the common thread between the customer and the seller. This culture of dialogue must and needs to be worked on internally in the company.

When a link is created between the company and employees, they feel more comfortable expressing their opinions and staying at work during breaks and breaks.

Many employees who feel pressured are not huddled inside the company and stress, ill will and tiredness begin to prevail.

This culture of internal relationship is part of internal communication and contributes to a better interaction between the members of the sales team, enabling the exchange of information in a more precise way and resolution of specific problems.

Strategies capable of improving internal communication

The insertion of internal communication in companies needs to occur gradually, like any change.

There is no magic formula that engages all employees at once, the process is gradual and requires patience from those who are executing and those who are entering.

A good start for improving internal communication in the company is investing in dialogue .

For communication to exist, the sender and receiver must be willing to participate in the conversation. Therefore, it is important that the manager and the salesperson know how to listen and, of course, speak.

The feedback is a great tool to add in the company ‘s process as it enables scoring behaviors that do not match the internal politics.

The time for feedback is also favorable for the employee and the manager to expose their opinions about their relationship, as points that do not please them.

Creating this culture where dialogue is totally open, collaborates so that future problems are resolved quickly.

Having concrete goals and objectives is another strategy that needs to be inserted into the company.

The salesperson needs to know what his goal is in closing 30 sales a month , for example, or else he won’t see the point in trying.

When the salesperson knows what the company’s goals are, he understands the parameters used to charge for his tasks.

One way to review and pass on this type of information is to schedule periodic meetings with the sales team so that each one will inform what is being done and how close they are to meeting these goals.

But, you see, these meetings are not a form of collection or a mechanism to pressure employees. They are a way for the team to communicate and exchange ideas.

The exchange of ideas is extremely important for structuring efficient internal communication. It is in this type of dynamic that trust is born and bonds begin to be created.

Dynamics with the sales team can also be a way to improve communication. Moments of relaxation make the atmosphere lighter and more personal.

The dynamics not only serve to improve communication, they also help in the presentation of ideas.

Remember that point in internal communication reflecting the way salespeople treat customers?

The leader’s posture is extremely important .

If the manager of the sales team is not concerned with maintaining a relationship with salespeople or customers, this behavior will be a direct reflection of how employees can behave .

For example: the manager who doesn’t care about being polite to his employees sends the direct message that the salesperson can be wholesale, since this is the company’s culture.

The manager needs to be the mirror of the salespeople.

Communication Tool Tips

Another strategy that can be inserted to improve internal communication is the integration of tools.

Internal communication does not have to be in person , it can be online.

With the advancement of technology in sales it is possible to communicate instantly, here in Brazil, with someone on the other side of the world.

This immediacy is also legal for the daily life of the sales sector. Sometimes it is inevitable to have to go to your colleagues to answer a question or talk – and it is even recommended -, but with these communication tools, this contact can be made quickly in times of emergency.

Some examples like WhatsApp, Slack and Hangout facilitate this communication.

In home office companies, having tools like these is essential.

First of all, you need to organize your business process

We saw that several factors need to be considered for internal communication to improve.

One detail that stands out in any of these factors is the organization.

Internal communication will not improve unless the business process is organized.

When everything is chaos, no matter how much time is invested for communication to improve, everything will remain chaotic.

Having a tool that helps in organizing your company’s business process is essential.

The Moskit CRM is much more than a tool, it is the best friend of any manager

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