The role of women in the world of Marketing

Many areas of the labor market are mostly occupied by men. This is an unquestionable fact, however, it is something that is being gradually reversed.Women are occupying more and more places within small and large companies and even opening their own businesses.

It couldn’t be different in the area that is growing and renewing itself in the world, marketing. Where, today, it is still quite busy and referenced by men.

But that does not mean that there are no names of women who are references and experts in this and in areas related to marketing.

There are women in business leadership that you never imagined, women who create and help others to create their successful brands, women who help your business leverage sales, and many others.

So, stay here to find out what the role of women is in the world of marketing and business.

What is the role of women in the world of Marketing?

In any professional area, whoever is in the lead or excelling in what he does, ends up inspiring others to be like that person who is in the spotlight.

Those at the top don’t even realize, sometimes, that there are people who look up and want to be like them. Therefore, the role of women is important in the world of marketing .

Women know that wherever they act and lead, they will serve as an example for many others, as women are still the minority in marketing, especially when we talk about someone of their reference.

It is very difficult to talk about marketing and a woman first in someone’s mind. Therefore, when a woman is at the top, her role as a model is fundamental, as she serves as an example for others showing that they can also get to where she arrived.

Thus, it becomes an effect of good and many are gradually able to occupy an important space within any company and create their own business.

According to an article by the Estadão newspaper , the number of micro-entrepreneurs increased by more than 124% in 2018 and promises to increase further in 2019.

7 Successful Women in Marketing

It is always important to highlight women who show what they are capable of and are references in what they do, not only to inspire other women, but men as well.

So, meet some women who are showing it by making it happen in marketing. Are they:

Ana Tex

Ana Tex is a Digital Marketing expert and mentor, speaker. Provides courses on its Marketex website and Turbotex for beginners and business veterans.

Monique Evelle

Graduated from the State University of Bahia, in communication management, postgraduate student at UFSC, Monique is the founder of Evelle Consultoria, a company that develops micro-learning processes.

However, Evelle did not stop there, as she is a partner at Sharp Inteligência Cultural, which uses proprietary metrics and methodologies  for brand and company solutions.

And she is also a partner at the Responsa agency, which is formed by professionals from the peripheries, giving greater visibility to black people in the job market.

Camila Porto

Digital Marketing Specialist for all types of social media. Camila Porto wrote the book “ Facebook Marketing: How to generate business in the largest social network in the world ” and gives lectures that help entrepreneurs to be successful in their digital business.

His current focus is Social Sell and Facebook Marketing, which is his biggest specialty today. Camila founded a brand specialized in helping entrepreneurs, which is her name, where she has almost 50 employees.

Débora Alcântara

Débora Alcântara is a strategist, specialist in branding and brand building. He gives lectures at many events held by Orna and other brands.

Co-Founder of the companies: Tudo Orna, Orna Café and Método Orna, together with her sisters, Júlia and Bárbara Alcântara.

The Alcântara sisters created a blog and a YouTube channel that was successful in their state and are now a reference in Brazil and in the world in entrepreneurship. Inspiring many women to start their own business.

Maira Reis

Maira is a journalist, digital marketer, speaker, LGBT + rights activist, founder of the company , where she creates bridges between companies and LGBT + candidates.

The journalist graduated from Universidade Paulista and studied marketing at Universidade Anhembi Morumbi.

In addition to being a journalist, copywriter, Maira is also a content strategist and social media. It is not for nothing that it is quite active on social networks, especially on LinkedIn .

Nathalia Arcuri

Journalist, investor, founder of Me Poupe !, speaker, financial coach, specialist in economics, digital marketing, business communication, social media, among many others.

Nathalia worked at some of the major broadcasters in Brazil exercising her profession. Since then, investing your money in the smartest way possible.

Today, she has her YouTube channel, where she gives tips to those who need to learn how to save, invest and manage their business. He wrote a book of the same name as the brand. He offers courses and is a speaker at several events.

Karol Pinheiro

Karol Pinheiro is a journalist, copywriter, social media specialist,  founder and CEO of Yay Produções, who focuses on content production and administration of her YouTube channel.

She worked for 6 years at Capricho magazine, from Abril publishing house as a behavior editor. Today, she focuses on creating content for YouTube, where she addresses topics about, fashion, travel, beauty and decoration.

Pinheiro is an example for those who want to pursue a career as a journalist and open their own business.

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