The importance of hydrating in summer

Have you ever stopped to think about the importance of hydration, both skin and body in the summer? Many people forget this detail and spend all their days under the sun, drinking little water and then miss half the holidays because they had to soak due to dehydration.

Enjoy your days off in the sun, without neglecting your skin and body, following some basic hydration rules!

Body hydration

Hydration should be done both internally and externally. During the summer, most of the girls take advantage of the season to enter the gym. The combination of physical exercises plus heat results in one thing: a lot of water loss!

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To replace lost water and hydrate the body, drink of course, lots of water! Always keep a 150 ml or 350 ml bottle at hand (try to drink at least 150 ml during the exercise).

If you have no kidney problems, opt for isotonic drinks that replenish the sodium and potassium lost during physical activity.

Those who do not do the gym also need to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Before going to the beach, swimming pool or even taking a walk around, take a bottle or coconut water with you.

Coconut water is excellent for body hydration, as its composition is similar to saline. Speaking like that, it looks like it tastes awful, but it doesn’t. Coconut water is refreshing and still contains proteins, vitamins and minerals. (The benefits of coconut water)

The liquid is also indicated for those who want to lose weight, as it helps in the proper functioning of the intestine and ensures the feeling of satiety.

Some drinks have the opposite effect and dehydrate; check which ones should be avoided :

  • Soda (rich in sugar, increases weight and gas and makes digestion difficult)
    • Alcohol (dehydrates and steals water from your body)
    • Caffeine (is diuretic, meaning it eliminates water from the body)
    • Acidic fruit juice ( lemon, orange)
    • Teas with diuretic action (green, white, mauve, gorse tea)

Increase your intake of :

– Water
– Coconut water

Cold juices – Cold liquids
– Cold and decaffeinated teas

To have a good hydration of the body, drink eight medium glasses of water a day!

Moisturizing foods

During the summer, give up fatty foods, which weigh on your stomach and reflect negatively on your skin. Eat light meals and always put green leaves on your plate.

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Fruits, vegetables and legumes are healthy, combine with summer and are still rich in minerals and electrolytes that conserve our body water. Instead of sautéing, choose raw vegetables so that they do not lose their main nutrients.

See what are the best summer foods:

– Soups
– Watermelon
– Carrot (helps with tanning)
– Tomato
– Green leaves
– Pineapple
– Cucumber
– Peach
– Watery vegetables

Skin hydration

In addition to tanning, the sun’s rays also leave the skin dry and opaque. Use hydrating cream twice a day for smooth skin – dermatologists recommend moisturizers with sunscreen. (Care that must be taken with the tattoo in the summer)

There are several products aimed especially at summer, such as Body Care UV Protection , by Neutrogena. For the face, prefer to use gel-cream, gel or oil-free emulsions that do not leave the skin oily.

To further enhance hydration, also apply after-sun creams and gels, such as Avon’s After-Sun Refreshing Moisturizing Gel and use body oils after bathing. They help to make the skin look good and healthy.


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