Ways to define the belly without abs

What woman does not dream of having a perfect belly, free of flab and unwanted fat, is not it? Nothing like having a good belly and being able to use and abuse your favorite clothing models. It is simply the goal of every woman.

However, what often hinders the achievement of the belly so dreamed is the lack of stimulation in fighting for weight loss.

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What most women have in mind is that in order to achieve the ideal body and six pack abs, it is necessary to spend hours and hours at the gym doing frequent weight training and abdominal exercises. A burden too heavy for any woman who detests this heavy exercise.

However, know that it is possible to get a belly free of extra fat without having to go crazy with the practice of sit-ups! (How to lose belly in a week)

We list below essential tips for you to get inspired and start your battle against the unwanted tummy today. With simple changes in your daily attitudes you will be surprised by the results. You don’t miss out on experimenting!

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Contrary to what many people think, doing some series of stretching during the day can actually contribute to the appearance of your belly. This, therefore, the practice of it helps in defining the musculature of the abdomen. So stretch daily for at least ten minutes in the morning and night.

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Breathe Correctly:

Breathing properly, inhaling through the nostrils and exhaling through the nose or mouth slowly, helps to control anxiety and cause a reduction in the flaccidity of the belly, since it will contribute to the strengthening of the abdomen.

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Correct posture always:

No walking around anyway. Shrink your belly, breathe well and keep your shoulders in the proper position. These are simple attitudes, but as the days go by, they will give you a better definition of your stomach muscles.

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Practice Yoga:

An exercise apparently too calm to promote the loss of abdominal fat, but those who think so are mistaken. Know that although the pace of the exercises is not accelerated, the movements performed in yoga are intense and force the abdominal wall in order to result in decreased fat and increased muscle mass in that region.

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Alie walking with running:

Take a 1-hour walk every day, however, to speed up the process of burning abdominal fat, alternate walking at medium speed every 10 minutes with running. You will notice the difference in your body as early as the first week.

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Eat properly:

To achieve a perfect belly for the summer it is important that you follow a protein-based, less-carbohydrate diet correctly.

Follow our menu suggestions and conquer your dream body.

Breakfast :

1 glass of apple smoothie with skimmed milk and sweetener or
1 slice of melon and ½ pear sprinkled with oats.

Snack :

4 small plums or 1 cereal bar.

Lunch :

4 tablespoons of brown rice, 1 plate of arugula salad with almond, 1 grilled beef steak without fat and ½ cup of cooked green beans or
4 tablespoons of bolognese pasta and 1 dessert plate of tomato salad with cucumber.

Afternoon snack :

1 natural chicken breast sandwich with lettuce and light curd or 1 shake of 300 ml of skimmed milk with 2 tablespoons of strawberry diet gelatin.

Dinner :

1 grilled fish fillet with 1 roasted potato and lettuce and chard salad or
1 chicken breast fillet with 1 flat dish of carrots, fresh peas and 3 chopped olives.

Supper :

1 large slice of pineapple au gratin with cinnamon or 1 toast with light cream cheese and green tea with sweetener.

Stay tuned for tips:

Attitudes that must be taken in the search for the perfect belly:

  • Chew your food well until it becomes a paste. Thus, digestion is easier and you avoid the accumulation of gases.
  • Avoid consuming carbohydrates, such as: breads, cakes, pizzas, pasta and pasta in general.
  • Consume fruits daily.
  • Take at least 3 liters of water every day.
  • Chew slowly when eating.
  • Take juices and teas that speed up your metabolism, such as ginger juice and green tea.
  • Consume foods with fiber: brown rice, flaxseed, sesame, oats, unpeeled fruits and cereals.
  • When you are hungry during the day, drink juices with different combinations. For example: pineapple with passion fruit, acerola with orange, watermelon with strawberry and pineapple with mint. In addition to being delicious, they satisfy hunger and are nutritious.

Attitudes that should be avoided in the search for the perfect belly:

  • Soft drinks and other carbonated drinks.
  • Avoid consuming beans, as it is a food that promotes the formation of gases, dilating the muscles of the abdomen.
  • Try not to eat sweets, such as cake, sweets, candies and sugary foods.
  • Do not consume fatty foods or fried foods.
  • Escape from embedded foods and fast foods.
  • Do not extrapolate in the consumption of red meat, since it hinders digestion, causing constipation, gas and stomach dilation, thus contributing to an increase in the belly area.


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