Importance of Group Dynamics

From the first moment of our lives we are in constant Adaptation with the Environment , interacting with it through a series of Stimuli and Responses , requiring in our first years of life to have a Primary Social Group to be able to subsist, this being the of our family, where we will obtain the basic cares of Food , Shelter and Hygiene and we begin to develop as people.

At all times we are part of Social Groups , taking not only the example mentioned but also at the time we attend Initial Education , where the importance does not lie so much in the Educational Contents but rather points out that we can relate to other people more beyond the family, learning to share activities with our Companions as well as receiving and obeying orders from Teachers and Teachers .

Each of these groups has the phenomenon that is considered Group Dynamics , which is the analysis of the different characteristics that a member of each group adopts depending on the Group Activities as well as the changes that it experiences in its Relationship with Other Members , forming friendships, fighting, establishing enmities and being in constant instability.

The science that studies this is Sociology , while the field of study is encompassed in Personal Relations , having the analysis of the group in general from the Origins or Formation , the motivation for which it has been formed, as well as Conflict Resolution that can happen, the relationship destined to the Coexistence and Well-being of the individuals that comprise it, as well as the different roles that each of its members takes in certain situations.

In each of the Social Groups , then, we have a hierarchy where each member makes their contribution and has an interference in the Personality and Behavior of each one, taking as an example the one who behaves as a Leader or Paternalist of the rest, while others they act as mediators between the different tasks, among other functions.


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