Know what some animals can provide us.

All animals are important . However, some stand out for the human being, for being able to improve their life, in certain aspects. Others, for causing losses.

Horses, for example, are widely used as means of transportation. In addition, they help the country man in heavier jobs, such as pulling carts and plows. Already the bulls and cows , as well as foods such as meat and milk, can also provide us with the leather .

Other animals are also used for food . They are: pigs, goats and chickens. The latter can produce eggs, food that is part of the menu of many people, every day.

For the manufacture of clothing and fabrics in general , wool can be used, usually taken from sheep. In addition, there is silk, made from the cocoons of a species of moth, called silkworm.

The bees are other animals very significant for us. They produce honey and propolis , widely used to fight and treat colds, flu and throat problems. In addition, when visiting various flowers, bees carry pollen grain in their bodies, helping in the reproduction of various plants . This phenomenon is called pollination.

Pollination is done by many other animals. One is the bat . It is capable of pollinating a huge number of vegetables. In addition, as most of them eat fruits, they spread the seeds in various environments, causing new plants to be born.

Certain bats, as well as some amphibians and geckos, feed on many invertebrate animals, including mosquitoes that can cause disease. Thus, we can understand that these living beings, targets of prejudice, are also very important.

On the other hand, there are animals that, despite being necessary for the balance of nature, can cause problems. They are the ones capable of transmitting diseases, such as cockroaches, rats and mosquitoes. They become a problem when there is overpopulation, that is: when there are many of them.

So that these animals do not harm us, it is necessary that some care is taken. One is not to leave garbage accumulated in the house or in the yard. This is because it is a source of food and also shelter for many of them. In addition, garbage can accumulate standing water, allowing some mosquitoes, such as dengue transmitters, to lay their eggs there.


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