Importance of abstract art

Abstract art is one of the freest and most beautiful forms of art, which allows the human being to connect with his inner part more directly because he is not forced to represent something that already exists (such as a landscape or a person) but rather something that arises purely and completely from within. The importance of abstract art is precisely to allow the artist freedom , to get to know himself better and to open his world so that many thousands of people can get to know it and feel challenged by it.

The concept of abstract art is very broad and complex if one tries to understand it. However, one can start by saying that it is one of the most important and common forms of expression of the human being since the end of the 19th century, at which time art slowly began to set aside academic, figurative and landscape art to delve into more abstract, unreal, expressive forms that represent the interior of the soul of each artist and not so much what they were seeing or observing at the time.

Abstract art understands the artist just like that, as a creative person and capable of inventing worlds that nobody else knows about her, unlike what happens with academic art that often understands the artist as a mere reproducer of an observable reality in different supports (painting, sculpture, etc.). In the case of abstract art identity , individuality, history gain importanceand the wishes of those who carry out the work because it is about creating new worlds that no one else knows and that are made public from there. Many times, not even the abstract artists themselves know what they are going to represent and they are working on their works for months and years until they are satisfied with what they achieve since what they create can remain in constant change.

Abstract art also gains importance in regards to the study of forms, colors, rhythms, space, dimensions, all elements that with figurative art lose strength since they are tied or limited directly to what is being observed and therefore it must be reproduced as it is. Abstract art can observe reality and recreate it, but of course, the result will have little and nothing to do with what is found on the other side of the canvas, but will be a unique and unrepeatable interpretation of the author who thus wishes to show it


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