Is it illegal to put a business magnet in your car

A vinyl car magnet is an innovative way to market your business or service while you are in and out of your car. These signs are low profile in thickness, removable and easy to produce. They are usually placed next to the car door, so they do not impede your vision or interfere with driving. It’s not illegal to use vinyl or magnetic car ads, but something to keep in mind if your car is used for business.

Local law

Contact your motor vehicle department to find out if there are any laws in your business that use car magnets. The vehicle codes for each state vary. Generally, if your magnet is placed at the passenger or driver’s side door and no obstruction appears, then there is no law against it.


Your automobile insurance company information that your car is being used for commercial purposes. If your car changes from personal use, your insurance premiums will likely be affected. If your carrier is not notified, you may need to submit a claim later.

Register your business

You may need to register your business with your city or county and pay local taxes if you have a business and your business is advertised in your car. It can fill out a business tax application and provide business details, start dates, vendor permits and gross receipts. All city business tax requirements are different, so check with your local city hall.

Municipal Code or HOA Ordinance

Some cities or homeowner associations have local ordinances that prohibit vehicles with commercial ads on the streets or driveways. These laws typically target non-motorized, obsolete trailers with billboard-sized advertising, but check your city hall to be sure.

Wrap window

The graphics in the back window may raise a different set of concerns as it may hinder your view. You need to be able to see out your rear window. This car is a different kind of signature than a magnetic version that attaches to the door. Many states have allowed that rear-tinted windows can only be used if there is a rearview mirror on either side of the vehicle.

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