How To Start Cooking Home Business Eating Family Food

Starting a home cooking business is a great idea if you really, really want to cook. Because, believe me, your business will grow if your food is good and fairly priced. All you need is a good sense of food preparation and safety, some great recipes, and a drive to succeed. I can do it, so you can!

Items you will need

  • The desire to cook
  • Cooking skills
  • Time
  • Kitchen and appliances
  • Menus and recipes
  • Basic knowledge of food security
  • Friends and family
  • Professionalism

Learn the basics of food safety and adhere to all local and state regulations. In many countries it is illegal to make food for sale in your home. A quick way to shut down and fine is to break the law. You may want to consider renting a health department approved kitchen. Many churches, clubs and institutions offer their kitchens for rent on an as-needed basis. Another option is to cook your clients at home. A food handler license or food safety management certificate may be required as well. Contact your local health department about education and certification requirements.

Create a menu. This is more than a simple list of foods you will be offering. A menu will tell your customers about ingredients, cooking methods, and even dish innovations. Since most of the families you serve have children, include foods that will appeal to them. You should be prepared to provide a complete list of ingredients for each dish you offer, so avoid foods containing foods that cause client allergic reactions.

Price of your menu item: food costs; Shopping, preparation and transportation time; Food pots; Transportation and travel costs; Rent; Insurance; And utilities. All of these factors should be considered when deciding how much to charge for the food you prepare. A 30 percent profit is the standard of the catering business.

Your recipe is standard. You want to make sure that your diet is consistent. Customers will love the foods they prepare. Don’t despair.

Find your customers. It was easier than I thought it would be. Start communicating with friends and family. Chances are you know someone who needs some help in the kitchen, or can be off at night once in a while. Don’t be embarrassed about providing your services.

To be professional Pay attention to your appearance, cleanliness of your equipment, freshness of your diet, and having time. Good business practices, as well as good food, mean happy customers.

Stay out of the kitchen for at least a week. Go eat, let someone else serve you.


  • There are some basic costs to consider when starting a business: business licensing, insurance, phones, business cards, menu printing, and so on. Get business insurance. It is worth the peace of mind. Be passionate about cooking, and have fun. You can work as much or as little as you want, the choice is yours.
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