Ilama (Planta)

Ilama . It is a small and delicate tree, with elliptical to oblanceolate leaves, 8-16cm long and rounded apex. The flowers emerge from young, solitary branches or in groups of 2-3 and their outer petals are brown. Very scarce in Cuba , it is found in Inifat , Santiago de Las Vegas and in specific places in Ciego de Avila , Havana , and Villa Clara .


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Ovoid or ellipsodial fruit with a sunken base and protruding carpels. The outer color of the fruit is light green to dark pink and covered with a layer of fine whitish powder. The pulp is white or faintly pink to bright red in some of its varieties. It is undoubtedly one of the best fruits in the lower tropics.

Scientific name

Annona Diversifolia Saff.




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