Human resources uptake

The recruitment of human resources is a process whose purpose is to attract people with an interest in occupying a certain job in the company, analyze their worth, choose one of them and finally, integrate them into the organization.

The mechanisms of entry into the company make up the key that guarantees that human resources practices can then be carried out properly with the staff. Therefore, if we do not have the relevant personnel, the human resources management will be difficult and problematic.

Phases of recruitment of human resources

The phases of the recruitment of human resources are: recruitment, selection and orientation and reception plan. Let’s see all three step by step:

First phase: Recruitment

Recruitment consists of capturing valid candidates for the selection process through objective and reliable techniques in order to analyze the suitability and adjustment of the candidate to the position profile.

To make a good recruitment it is essential that the company initially considers what skills it considers elementary for the position and thus be able to carry out a subsequent filter in relation to the people who know about the job offer. Because, for example, if the demand for employment is high, there may be a possibility that many of the individuals applying for the position do not adapt to the profile.

There are different types of recruitment:

  • Internal recruitment vs. external recruitment:The factor that differentiates them is the origin of the people who will occupy the position. In the event that the person comes from the organization itself, the recruitment will be internal; When from another organization, the recruitment will be external.
  • Massive recruitment vs. individualized recruitment:The determinant between the two is whether or not there is a uniform or particular procedure for recruitment. Mass recruitment is when there is a standardized procedure and individualized recruitment when it is an express process for that recruitment.

Second phase: The Selection

Selection is the process by which you choose which candidate or candidates can best fill the position or positions in an organization. It is necessary to have made a good recruitment because if not, however much we apply appropriate selection techniques, it could be the case of not having valid human resources.

Some of the techniques used in this phase would be the curriculum vitae, the short interview, psychotechnical and personality tests, simulation or group dynamics.

Third phase: The orientation and reception plan

The orientation and the reception plan is the phase in which the employee knows and understands the intangible , symbolic and emotional elements that occur in organizations and that are fundamental for professional performance.

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