Huawei Nova 5t review

Huawei characterizes the Nova series as devices with top-end hardware at an acceptable price tag. The characteristics in the Huawei Nova 5t review speak for themselves: the advanced Kirin 980 chipset copes with any task, the front-facing camera has a high quality, the 4-module main camera produces amazing results.

More information about the model – read and watch the video below in the text.

Characteristics Huawei nova 5t

Six parameters give a clear idea of ​​a smartphone comparable to flagships. Let’s see what he is.

Appearance, design, dimensions

Huawei continues to represent the corporate identity. The back side attracts the eye with an unusual volumetric gradient. Only transparent bumpers are suitable for such a mobile , in order to contemplate the play of light on the metal.

The body is smooth, streamlined. One feels that the developers “put their souls” into the design of the device – it is so festively unusual. The international version has 3 colors:

  1. Classic black is for conservatives and those who love strictness in design.
  2. Summer purple is a lilac-pink gradient with an iridescent pattern.
  3. Deep blue in the form of a smooth blue-turquoise-purple gradient. It looks mesmerizing!

The fingerprint sensor is hidden in the power button – no need to crawl along the back in search of it. There is also face recognition that works even in the twilight. This information is confirmed by hundreds of customer reviews.

The only drawback of the model is the lack of a mini-Jack connector. Fortunately, the bundle includes an adapter for this port – so the purchase of wireless headphones can be postponed. But the lack of a microSD slot was compensated by 128 GB of memory.

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Battery and charging

The battery is good – 3750 mAh. The indicator is not flagship, but excellent for its price category. Autonomy to match the device:

  • 30-40 hours – time from 1 charge in standard mode (one hour of calls, 2-3 hours online, 50-80 minutes for toys);
  • 12 hours are allotted for watching films;
  • 5 hours – for games with an Internet connection.

There is also fast charging, in which the phone quickly returns to service:

Minutes Charge percentage,%
09.dec 15-20
26-40 50-55
55-65 70
90-95 100


Mobile phone supports the trend of multi-chamber devices:

Lens Number of megapixels Photosensitivity
Basic 48 01.Aug
Wide angle (117 ° angle) 16 02.Feb
Macro lens 2 02.apr
TOF sensor 2 not indicated

The main camera has 4 modules. In general, the Huawei Nova 5T camera unit works great thanks to fast focusing and clear details. Blurring the background is adequate. In this case, the user can choose the resolution of future images:

  • 12 megapixels – photos will take up less space;
  • 48 megapixels – images at their original size;
  • 48 MP with enhanced clarity – AI (artificial intelligence) helps in fine detail.

Wide angle takes photos without strong distortion of objects and “soap” on the sides. A macro lens can easily handle close-up photography, and the TOF module correctly detects foreground and background. The 32 megapixel front camera shows amazing detail. The pictures are clear even at night.

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The phone is suitable for Internet surfing, blogging and for working with “heavy” documents.

Huawei Nova 5T specifications:

  1. Chipset – Kirin 980 with NPU in charge of AI. It is also present in the flagships Honor 20 Pro and Huawei P30 Pro.
  2. Graphics module – Mali-G76. You can edit 4K video without lags and play without friezes.
  3. RAM – 6 GB .
  4. Built-in memory – 128 GB.
  5. Android version is 10.
  6. EMUI version is 10.

It performs well in stress tests – performance does not drop, even if you work with “heavy” tasks for a long time. The mobile phone does not overheat. Since it was released before the start of the sanctions against Huawei, the device has NFC and Google Pay.

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Screen with IPS-matrix , 6.26 inches diagonal without cutouts, which takes up almost the entire front panel. There are practically no frames – the FullView technology has affected. It is an 18: 9 bezel-less screen that is suitable for those who like to open multiple applications at once. Also, this feature makes life easier for gamers – you can easily add large-sized controls that will not block what is happening on the display.

Indeed, the video is not hidden by the borders in the display space. It visually “expands” the walls. And in games, it has become even more convenient to kill hundreds of opponents!

Even the front camera is neatly mounted on the side of the “donut”. For those who will get in the way of such a module, Huawei has thought of a solution – the upper part of the screen can be hidden by darkening the strip next to the camera. And so that it does not stand idle, notification icons will be shown there.

Other display options:

  1. Resolution – 2340×1080 (FullHD +)
    To save battery power, you can switch to HD + or turn on “smart” mode, which will automatically switch the resolution.
  2. Pixel density – 412 ppi (pixels per inch)
  3. Aspect ratio – 19.5: 9
    With this mobile it will be convenient to surf social networks and watch movies.
  4. The brightness of white is 400 cd / m2, and black is 0.5 cd / m2. The
    user will receive a realistic color reproduction without “flashing” and dips.

The default color temperature tends towards colder hues. Those who want the most realistic presentation of colors can adjust this in the settings. You need to do the following:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to “Display”.
  3. Go to “Color Mode and Temperature” and drag the hue slider to the desired values.

There is also a night mode that reduces the brightness of blue pixels. This gives the screen a warm yellow tint, which relaxes the eyes and positively affects the circadian rhythm (sleep schedule).

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Appearance of standard screens and menus

The EMUI 10 shell is responsible for the appearance of the menus, therefore, the device received all the chips of this system:

  1. Magazine style – structured division of text by headings and separate blocks.
  2. A color palette of soft and sophisticated shades inspired by artwork. Giorgio Morandi – pistachio, lilac, powdery pink, etc.
  3. Updated animations that change the user experience.
  4. Dark Mode – Prior to EMUI 10, there was no “night theme” in Huawei devices.
  5. The updated notification curtain has become even more similar to iOS.
  6. HUAWEI Share function – a window duplicating what is happening on the screen is displayed on the monitor of the Huawei laptop, so that the user can work with the data of the smartphone on the computer.

Price for Huawei Nova 5t

The price of a mobile phone is medium-budget. Depending on the store, the price is adjusted from 8 to 10 thousand. Considering the “hardware” and camera modules – the device beats off every penny invested in it.

Huawei Nova 5T review showed that this is a phone for those who want to buy a modern device, but are not ready to overpay for the brand. And considering that it contains Google services, this mobile phone should definitely be added to the must-have list!

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