HR Development

Development of Human Resources (Human Resources)

In a system and organization, qualified and effective human resources are needed in order to realize the goals of the organization or company. To produce human resources that can help the realization of organizational goals is to develop human resources.

What is human resource development? Human resource development is an effective way to face various challenges in an organization, including employee obsolescence or lagging, diversification of the domestic and international workforce. The development of human resources can maintain or maintain an effective workforce.

Definition of HR Development 

Before discussing further about the development of human resources, we need to know what the definition of human resource development from several experts. Here are some definitions of human resource development.

  • Silalahi (2000)

“Human resource development is an ongoing effort to improve the quality of human resources itself in the broadest sense, through education, training, and coaching.”

  • Sedarmayanti (2008)

“Human resource development is an effort that aims to produce a framework that is logically and comprehensively linked to developing an environment where employees are encouraged to learn to develop.”

  • Handoko (2008)

“Development is an effective way of dealing with challenges such as employee obsolescence, labor turnover and sociotechnical changes faced by many large organizations and is a determining factor for the success of the personnel department in maintaining effective human resources.”

From the understanding put forward by the experts above, human resource development is a way or an effective effort of the company to deal with problems specifically related to employees or HR so that the company can run as planned.

Human resource development generally relates to the intellectual and emotional abilities needed to do a good job. Human resource development can only be measured in the long run. Human resource development by the company can also help employees to prepare themselves for changes in their work that can be caused by new technology, job design, new customers, or new product markets.

Human Resources Development Goals

Developing human resources in an organization certainly has other goals than to improve employee effectiveness. Here are some of the goals of developing human resources for companies, employees, consumers and even people who consume the company’s products.

  • Human resource development will increase employee work productivity, improve production quality and quantity because the technical abilities, human skills and managerial skills of employees will be trained.
  • Human resource development can increase the efficiency of human resources, time, raw materials and reduce the cost of machinery. Costs are reduced, production costs are reduced so that the company’s finances are more efficient.
  • Human resource development aims to reduce damage to goods, production and machinery.
  • Human resource development aims to reduce employee accident rates, thereby reducing the amount of medical expenses.
  • The development of human resources also aims to improve better service from employees to customers or consumers of the company.
  • Human resource development gives employees the opportunity to improve their careers because of their better skills, skills and work performance.
  • The development of human resources will shape employee morale better because their expertise and skills are appropriate so they can complete their work well.
  • Human resource development makes managers better and faster in making better decisions.
  • The purpose of developing human resources is also related to better management leadership.
  • The development of human resources can increase employee benefits (salary, wages, intensive and benefits) because their work performance is getting bigger.
  • The development of human resources also impacts on the consumer community because they will obtain higher quality goods or services.
Forms of Human Resource Development

According to Hasibuan (2008), human resource development is grouped into 2 namely informal development and formal development. Following is an explanation of these 2 tablespoons.

  1. Informal development

Informal development is development for employees of their own desires and efforts to train and develop themselves by studying literature books related to their work or position. Informal development shows that there is a desire in employees. Not only employees, but the company benefits because employee productivity is getting bigger and more efficient.

  1. Formal development

Formal development is the development provided by the company so that employees participate in education or training where the aim is to increase employee capability and productivity. The company requires a lot of costs in conducting training and development but can also reduce costs due to problems that arise if employees are not carried out the development and training of human resources.

The development of human resources aims to improve the technical, theoretical, conceptual, and moral capabilities of the employees so that their work productivity is good and achieve optimal results. May be useful!!


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