How WiFi Direct Works

You have surely heard about Wifi Direct. This tool is available for most smartphones integrated into their software and is extremely useful and easy to use.

Normally, as a means of transferring files it is perhaps the least known, since people choose to use WhatsApp and Google, and in a few years ago the popular infrared and later Bluetooth.

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  1. How to get Wifi Direct?
    1. Android
    2. iPhone
    3. TV
  2. What functions does Wifi Direct offer us when we activate it?
    1. Share files
  3. How fast is the information transmitted with Wifi Direct?
  4. What are the negative points of activating Wifi Direct?
    1. Third-party application to function

How to get Wifi Direct?

As already mentioned, this is a tool that smartphones have that is similar to how bluetooth works, but offers a more private connection, since it has privacy settings as it is a point-to-point interaction and very different from the traditional hotspot. .


Well, the first thing is to go to the setting screen, we look for the Wi-Fi option and select Wi-Fi settings . Once there, the Wifi Direct option will appear.

In the case of Android, each version is similar, although not necessarily the same, the point is to get the Wifi Direct option. inside the regular wifi tool .

It should be noted that you must activate it so that it is visible to the other devices with which you want to share data, and the other devices must do the same, it has been like activating bluetooth .


To activate the Wi-Fi for this type of device is very simple, it is only a matter of taking into account that there are certain requirements to use Wi-Fi Direct, one of them is that the IOS version must be 11 or higher .

To activate it, you just have to go to settings and look for the Wifi Direct option, proceed to activate it so that it is visible to other iPhone devices and that’s it.


To use this tool on TV, the version of its software must be taken into account, that is, it must be updated , so that the Wifi Direct option appears in the settings option.

What functions does Wifi Direct offer us when we activate it?

Taking into account that normal Wi-Fi works as a connection protocol, which works so that several devices maintain a connection between them or a connection source that is common between them and all that thanks to a wireless connection .

It can well be said that Wi-Fi Direct works practically like normal Wi-Fi, since it offers the possibility of having access to a wireless connection between mobile phones .

The main difference from normal Wi-Fi, the idea focuses on connecting smartphones to each other , in such a way that it allows the transfer of data and files between them or between a PC and a mobile.

Share files

As one of its main functions is the creation of a network as an access point , between smart devices through a Wi-Fi network. This network does not require a router , since one of the devices when creating the network works as the access point and the other as the client of said network, which allows the transfer of information with a third-party application such as Xender to be able to use this function.

It is presumed that this tool will surpass the usual tools for sharing files between mobiles via Wi-Fi and these will be practically obsolete, such as infrared transfer.

How fast is the information transmitted with Wifi Direct?

This tool has as one of its strengths, the speed with which it transmits information, as it can reach 250 Mbps , much higher even than the latest version of bluetooth.

What are the negative points of activating Wifi Direct?

As the most relevant point against this tool is that it does not allow the transfer of files, independently, with which, in order to share information, it is necessary to resort to third-party applications so that there is the option of transferring files .

In addition to having to resort to an application, the devices must have the same application downloaded to be able to send and receive files without any problem.

Third-party application to function

As mentioned above, the use of Wifi Direct for file transfer is limited , since it depends on a secondary application that allows this function.

However, in the world of apps, you can find a varied number of these applications to share files through Wifi Direct, among them are the famous Xender application , share it, among many others.

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