How to download direct video from Twitch

Little else can be added about Twitch at this point. Millions of users log in daily to explore the offer of their streamers , who on many occasions carry out marathon sessions. These transmissions are not saved forever on the platform , therefore, it is not a bad idea to explore resources to download video from Twitch live . Today we present you three options, two online and one local.

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Table of Contents

  • Downloading videos from Twitch… why?
  • Download Twitch Live Video Easily
  • Conclution

Downloading videos from Twitch… why?

For the same reasons that the public seeks to download music from YouTube or videos from Instagram : Streaming has limits , online platforms constantly purge content , and connections are not always stable . By removing the internet from the equation, all that is left is local playback, with no clipping or buffering issues.

Obviously, Twitch doesn’t really like the idea, but that doesn’t stop us from using different resources to download video direct from Twitch . There are still two classic routes: Adopt an online service, or a tool installed on our computers. This time we are going to explore three alternatives.

Download Twitch Live Video Easily


UnTwitch downloads in maximum blocks of one hour

One of the most interesting aspects of UnTwitch is that it recognizes the tendency to create massive streams. Maybe we only want the first 45 minutes of an eight hour stream, and for that reason it not only enables precise selection of the download, but limits it to maximum blocks of one hour to avoid corruption or interruption. You can get the entire video in chunks , with a 20 second cooldown between one download and the next.


This classic also works with Twitch

Keepvid is one of those wildcards that works with just about anything dedicated to internet video, and Twitch is no exception. Paste the link, choose the resolution, or why not, download your audio in MP3 format. Keepvid recommends using the classic “right click + save link as” to process the download correctly, but I have had no problems using its buttons. If you take too long to start the download, you will receive a 410 error that forces you to regenerate the links.

Twitch Leecher

Do you want an offline option? Start here

At the end of 2020 we published an article dedicated to Twitch Leecher , and we were amazed at how well it works. Its dependencies are more than reasonable (Windows 7 with the .NET Framework 4.8) , and its updates have picked up a bit of pace recently. As if that weren’t enough, Twitch Leecher is open source, and any user can contribute to the project. There is no portable version, and you will have to install it in the traditional way.


We know that some of these options will allow you to download Twitch live video without difficulties, but remember: Twitch is a moving target . A background setting or undocumented change to your system could block these tools. Bookmark each page, and check for updates in case something strange happens. Good luck!


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