How Tumblr works

Tumblr  is a platform for creating blogs created by Yahoo (as well as for google there is blogger); tumblr allows anyone to create small personal blogs because its extremely simple to use graphical interface does not require any particular technical knowledge. Interesting right? A lot, so read this guide to find out how Tumblr works and I assure you that with a few minutes of reading you will already be able to create your own blog.


  • How Tumblr works
    • Create articles for your blog
    • Follow other blogs

How Tumblr works

To quickly answer the question “How does Tumblr work” we can say that Tumblr is both a platform that allows you to create personal blogs and publish them on the internet and a social service that allows you to follow other users’ blogs, share the content entered and like to interesting articles. If your only intent is to create a free blog then Tumblr may not be for you because it has many limitations, much better in this case to use blogger .

An interesting feature of Tumblr is that you can use this service from a normal web browser but also via an app available for iOS and Android . The app is very well done and allows you to perform all the operations that are normally performed from the Tumblr site itself.

To use Tumblr you obviously have to register for this service but don’t worry, registration is completely free and only takes a couple of clicks; read this guide to register quickly and safely.

Once registered on Tumblr you can start using the service and then:

  • create articles for your blog
  • follow other blogs
  • like content posted on blogs
  • share content

Create articles for your blog

Posting content on Tumblr is really simple; from the main window all you have to do is press the button of the type of content you want to publish (from the button bar at the top). You can choose whether to publish:

  • Text: to publish normal articles (obviously you can use various widgets, html and photos within them)
  • Photos: you can post personal photos or directly enter the web address of photos already on the internet
  • Quote: to post a quote
  • Link: You can share web pages with those who follow you
  • Chat: to post chats
  • Audio: to publish personal audio files or by directly entering the web address of an audio file already present on the internet
  • Video: to publish video files

Once you have entered the content to publish it, press the Mail button at the bottom right and choose whether to publish it immediately or schedule its publication (by selecting the Program item) to publish it on a certain day at a certain time.

Follow other blogs

Tumblr is a platform that combines blogging with social media; you can create your own blog and publish it on the internet but you can also follow other Tumblr blogs and share their content. You can also like content that you find useful.

Now that you know how Tumblr works, you just have to start publishing articles and following other personal blogs. Good fun.

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