How to register on tumblr

Do you want to create an amateur blog but you think you are not up to it and above all you do not have much time available? have you heard of tumblr and are you wondering how to register on tumblr and start a small blog? You have come to the right place; without too many words I will explain to you in detail the procedure for tumblr registration and how to take your first steps within this platform.

But first let me explain very quickly what tumblr is . Tumblr is the platform for creating Yahoo blogs (as well as for google there is blogger); tumblr allows anyone to create small personal blogs because its extremely simple to use graphical interface does not require any particular technical knowledge.

Are you tired of reading introductions and can’t wait to create a personal blog? Well, then let’s see how to register on tumblr right away.

How to register on tumblr

To create a blog with tumblr, first, you need to create a tumblr account. Then connect with your PC to the website and scroll down the page until a button with the word register is displayed in the top right . Press the register button and on the next page press the blue button with the word accept.

Enter your email address, password (at least 8 characters) and username (if not available, try another one or one of those suggested). The username is very important for tumblr registration because it is through this name that other people will be able to find you and it is from this username that the web name of your blog will be formed. For example, if you have chosen “dude” as the username then your blog address will be In fact, you can also change your username at a later time from your blog’s tumblr settings). Once you have entered your email address, user and password, click on the Register button .

On the next screen simply enter your age and check the item to accept the terms of use of the tumblr service. Then select the item I am not a robot and click on the “Done!” Button. At this point the tumblr registration is almost complete now you will have to configure the platform according to your preferences.

Select the thematic areas you like most by pressing the relevant boxes in the list and when you are finished press the next button (if you want to skip this phase, press the skip button).

Now you just have to open your email and click on the confirmation link that was sent to you by email during registration to verify your email address.

The tumblr registration is over and you can immediately start posting articles on your blog. Before creating a blog with tumblr, however, you may want to configure some preferences, a matter of a few minutes do not worry. You will find all the preferences in the tumblr settings menu (by clicking on the button with the little man symbol at the top). Remember to insert a profile photo and a description of the blog you want to create and customize the theme of your blog.

With tumblr you can create blogs very quickly by publishing articles with photos, video links and many other contents made available by this service. You can share articles from other blogs on your blog and post comments and follow other blogs as if it were a social network.

Once you have finished registering on tumblr your blog will be immediately visible on the net; to find the web address of your blog go to the tumblr settings by clicking on the button with the little man symbol at the top right and in the menu that opens click on settings; click on the blog you created in the right box and in the left box under the name Username you will find the word URL with the web address of your new tumblr blog next to it.

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