How to sync Instagram to Tumblr?

If you usually read all of our articles, you will have seen that we recently taught how to sync Instagram account with Twitter , a tutorial that many of our readers have been asking us for a long time.

Of course, starting with that, the questions and questions about similar others also begin that you shouldn’t forget, like the one that will allow you to connect this social network with Tumblr .

As we know, there is the possibility of synchronizing many of the main social platforms that exist today, and especially in the case of a modern one like Instagram , these functions multiply.

Well, in the following lines we want to show you some of the best tricks for Instagram in relation to Tumblr, so that you can post your content on both at the same time, avoiding delays and so on.

And above all, as you will see, there is no single tutorial that can help you in these cases, but there are several solutions that you should pay attention to, each one tailored to each user.

How to post a photo on Instagram and Tumblr at the same time

Surely one of the steps that most interest our audience when it comes to synchronization between Instagram and Tumblr has to do with the possibility of posting a photo simultaneously on both networks. The steps to follow are these:

  • Open the Instagram application by clicking on its icon as you always do
  • In the gray menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, press the last one, on the right, to access your Instagram profile
  • Then, in the top menu of the new screen, both your username and a search engine will appear, along with a three-dot vertical button on the right side of the screen, on which you need to press
  • At that moment you will drop into the Instagram Options screen
  • Go to Preferences and click Settings for Content Sharing Services
  • On the next screen there will be a list of the different services where you can post your Instagram photos. Click on Tumblr
  • You will need to enter your Tumblr username, your password and then click OK
  • When you have done this, you will return to the list of services, but you will see that Tumblr now appears as selected

From then on, every time you post a photo on your Instagram account it will automatically be posted on your Tumblr profile.

Share an old Instagram photo on Tumblr

Another problem that is also possible in these cases is about sharing old or old Instagram posts directly to Tumblr, which you can do without much difficulty by following these steps:

  • Open Instagram as usual
  • Find the old post you want to share on Tumblr
  • Click the three dots button that appears next to the post
  • Select the Share option
  • Among the different platforms available, select Tumblr and customize the posting on this network

Share Instagram Post Link on Tumblr

Also, if you don’t want to share the Instagram post on Tumblr but rather the link or link that brings it, you can also do it, beyond which it is much easier to do it from the web version:

  • Find the Instagram post whose link you want to share with someone else
  • Copy the URL of the same
  • Then open Tumblr
  • Look in the Links section to share the content
  • When done, click Publish to make this link visible

Connect Instagram with Tumblr using IFTTT

Finally, in case you want to connect your Instagram and Tumblr accounts differently, in order to work with both social networks from the same platform , you need to use a third party service.

Although there are many interesting ones, in this particular case we wanted to particularly recommend one like the case of IFTTT , which you can access from this link , having been created to collect several social networks in one system.

This service will allow you to connect these networks in such a way that everything you post in one of them is also published in the other, provided that you have previously added your contact information for each account, logically.


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