How To Write New Content;Sources And Trick

You must have thought like most of us, “I already wrote everything on the blog, I don’t know what else to do” or “How To Write New Content in every week.

1. Answer Common Questions with an Article

Group the questions that you receive every day through Facebook, Twitter, Email and on your Blog … the most common and that you consider more interesting, instead of simply answering them to the person, because they write an article on your blog about it.

2. Quote Articles from Other Blogs

Other bloggers in your industry may have written such a good article that you no longer need to write an article about it, but you can create one, link to it, and give your point of view on the subject.

3. Create a Google Alert

With Google Alerts , you can receive notifications in your email of specific topics in a niche market so you know what people are talking about. Monitoring news and conversations on the internet can inspire you to create valuable content for your target audience.

4. Publish a Survey

That’s a good idea to incentivize your blog followers’ participation, and get people to come back to vote and share it with their friends and colleagues. Create a Poll and post it in an article or in the sidebar of your blog, and ask readers to vote. Do you want to know something about the people who follow your business blog? Ask them.

In addition to generating interesting content on your blog, drawing ideas from your survey results, you can also use those results for further study.

5. Ask on Facebook and Twitter

It is similar to the survey, it is more … you can publish your survey on Facebook and Twitter. But in addition to that you can ask specific questions and receive answers almost immediately on a particular topic so you can turn that into an article.

6. Promote your Activities

But not as a sales letter, but simply announce your own online or face-to-face events, conferences, product or service launches. Every time you have something new, let your readers know about it through an article on your blog.

If you publish press releases about your business, also post it on your blog.

7. Use Your Categories Smartly

If you realize, you should normally have been blogging about five to seven subtopics of your business, which are your main categories. If you are blogging about many more subtopics, I recommend you cut back to that amount.

The more specific you are and you specialize in those 5-7 sub-topics and publish at least twice a week on your blog, people will start to take you as a reference in your industry. That is key both for your blog, for your internet business in general, and for this “new economy” in which we live.

If you already have your 5-7 categories you are going to blog about, create a simple editorial calendar. If you publish on your blog daily, or one day, one day, no, or twice a week, or how often you have … with your calendar every day you have to publish something, you already know what to do. On Monday you do it on category A, on Tuesday on category B, etc. That will make you focus and not be disoriented.

8. Post your “Top 10?

Every six months or every year, publish an article summarizing how your business fared in that period of time and ends with a list of your Top 10 most read articles in those months.

It is also a good idea to publish a summary article each week with the 10 best articles about your industry in the “blogosphere”.

You can also post a list of your Top 10 favorite blogs in your industry. Normally, people on that list will be flattered to be there. Many of them will post on Facebook, Twitter and their blog about you and your list for obvious reasons. It is a great way to make yourself known and build the followers base of your business blog.

9. Make Reference to Something Famous or Historical

When you publish something, your content will be more valuable and unique when you refer to something classic, historical or famous. It is interesting that you put your idea in such a context, in addition that you will attract a lot of attention and only by the title will you be more read. Obviously the content must be of quality so that you do not disappoint.

An example is this article I found: What the Sorzist of Oz teaches us about customer service.

10. Invite Other Authors

If you’re really short on time, a good way to avoid spending too much time without posting an article on your business blog is to ask someone you know in your industry to blog as a guest author.

That’s a win-win because the guest author writes one or more articles while you are busy with other things, he or she gets inbound links to your blog or website, plus a good exposure with your readers. Also interesting is that your readers will have new points of view on these topics.

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