What is the Biometric Payment System?

Biometrics such as fingerprinting and face scans are now standards in many smartphones. They offer a simple user experience, great secure security over PINs and passwords.Biometric payment system is an alternative of credit card use, in the restaurant sector, supermarkets, small shops, and entertainment venues, etc.

The biometric fingerprint payment system can be carried out in two ways:

  • Prepaid: through which the client recharges his account with money and from there discovers as he spends.
  • Payment by direct debit: the client is spending and at the end of the month he is charged to his account.
  • The biometric payment system is made up of a computer program, a fingerprint reader and a card reader . This last device is intended for people who cannot use their fingerprint, and the card has a password.
  • In addition, the database of the digital biometric sales terminal can be shared between several stores of the same firm or merchant associations, in such a way that the client could pay his payment through his fingerprint in any of the associated stores, facilitating the loyalty of customers.
  • The biometric payment system through fingerprint provides greater ease, security, speed and comfort when making purchases, paying in restaurants, etc.
  • The biometric payment system through the fingerprint benefits all sectors that are directly or indirectly involved with the product, both clients and entrepreneurs:

How does the biometric payment system work?

The system is made up of a computer program , a card reader and a fingerprint reader; The latter is a USB extension that allows you to scan the user’s identity lines.The bank must have a database available at the biometric sales terminal that can be shared between several stores of the same merchant. For this, the buyer must register his personal data and associate it with his bank account. In general, just the program and the fingerprint reader are enough , however, the card reader is usually used as a backup in case the first one fails.

There are two ways to use the biometric payment system: through the prepaid system ; where the client carries a load of money that is deducted as he spends. And the direct debit payment ; where the client spends and at the end of the month he will receive the sum of his expenses.

The biometric authentication to make payments is based on verification of fingerprints, voice recognition, facial patterns or eye recognition, among other parameters. It can be considered a clear alternative to handling cash as well as credit cards. In fact, fingerprint biometrics is already used for payments in the restaurant sector and is also finding its place.

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