How to write and insert the peso or currency sign in Word easily and quickly

When we want to insert or type sign in the Word text editor, which is an Office tool. We can easily use the keyboard for it, like inserting emojis . But there is a sign that does not appear on most keyboards that are used to enter text and symbols. And for this sense, we want to present you an article that will allow you to write and insert the peso or currency sign in Word in a few steps quickly and easily.

Although you may not believe it, there are many ways to enter the weight sign and in this article we are going to show you in a very simple way. Although even today there is a lot of confusion about this symbol , it is already often confused with the dollar sign. And presumably this is the case, since both signs are written in the same way ($)

And we will give you a piece of information that perhaps not many know and that is that the peso monetary unit is used in seven Latin American countries such as Colombia, Chile, Mexico, among others. And the dollar is used in at least 35 countries in the world. And as we have already mentioned, both currencies use the same sign to be represented.

How to write and insert the peso or currency sign in Word quickly and easily

It is important that we learn the different ways that office tools offer to be able to enter symbols, signs and special characters . And through these articles we take care of bringing you this valuable knowledge. And you will realize how simple and fast it will be to include this resource Just as it is done to put a superscript and subscript in your document .

And returning to the subject, some countries use some type of symbolism to differentiate their currency and do not lead to confusion. And in this sense, a standard ISO abbreviation has been created , which seeks to differentiate each currency from the rest. And by means of a three-letter abbreviation it is known from which country that currency that uses the same sign belongs.

Steps to write and insert the peso or currency sign in Word easy and fast

Next we will show you the different ways in which we can enter the peso or currency sign in Word . And to begin, open a new document or one that you have saved on your PC, once you have it open we will use the following method. When we are located in the area of ​​the document where we are going to write the sign, making use of the keyboard shortcuts .

We are going to press the Shift key and hold until then press the numeral key 4 or Shift + 4 and in this way the weight sign will appear in the document. This is one of the most used methods to enter this sign. Now we will teach you a second method and this is to use a keyboard shortcut.

These are commands that are put into operation when we press the Ctrl keys. Or Alt together with other keys and special symbols are inserted. In our case, if we want to enter the weight sign, we are going to place ourselves with the cursor in the area where we want the sign to appear. Then type 0024, then press the ALT key and without releasing press the X key.

We will now explain the third method that we can apply to write the weight sign and for this we are going to make use of the ASCII code. It is a widely used method of including symbols and characters that do not appear on the keyboard. Although this code also allows characters and symbols that appear on the keyboard to be typed.

To make use of this code we are going to place the cursor at the place in the text where we want the weight sign to appear. Then you are going to press the ALT key and then without releasing press the number keys 36 and then release the ALT key. And in this way the weight sign will appear in the document as if by magic.

So in this way we have shown you some methods that you can use to enter symbols and special characters . You just have to follow the instructions that we show you here and without problems you will be able to write and insert the peso or currency sign in Word easily and quickly.


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