How to watch tennis streaming

The tennis is your favorite sport and do not want to miss even a game of major tournaments such as the French Open, the Australian Open and Wimbledon. In this context, you are looking for solutions to watch all the meetings you want on the Web, perhaps even from mobile devices. Did I guess? Don’t worry, I have a number of solutions ready to meet all your needs.

In this tutorial, therefore, I will deepen how to watch tennis in streaming , allowing you not to miss even an exchange of the most important matches. In any case, unlike what you might think, there are many solutions that allow you to reach your goal: you just need to know where to look. Between paid and non-paid services, the choice is quite wide.

What do you say? Are you ready to proceed? Yup? Perfect, then you will be happy to know that below are all the quick indications of the case, which will lead you to watch the various games of this intriguing sport directly from your favorite chair. I can assure you that achieving your goal doesn’t take that long. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and, above all, good viewing!


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How to watch tennis in streaming

The best way to view the main tennis matches is to rely on subscription services that allow you to watch tennis in paid streaming . In fact, in this way you will be able to watch almost all the games related to the main tournaments.

Below, therefore, you can learn more about the most important streaming services related to this popular sport. Before delving into everything, however, I would like to point out that the catalogs of the various services are constantly evolving and may undergo sudden changes, so before subscribing, consult the offers available.


NOW is Sky’s online streaming service that allows you to view a lot of content related to the company founded by Rupert Murdoch. Among the various proposals offered, there is also the so-called Sport Pass . You have therefore probably understood where I want to go.

Well, at a price of 14.99 euros per month it is possible to see the great international tennis . Going into more detail, usually through this service fans can view the matches related to Wimbledon , all the ATP Masters 1000 tournaments, 5 ATP 500 tournaments, 7 ATP 250 tournaments and the Nitto ATP Finals .

In short, you understand well that NOW can be interesting as regards this sport, also by virtue of the possibility of watching live the Sky Sport Tennis channel , as well as Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 . Among other things, there is also no shortage of on-demand content that might interest you, for example the I Lords of Tennis series , which includes interviews with some great champions. Put simply, there are also some Sky Sport insights .

Therefore, by activating the NOW Sport Pass , you will be able to access multiple contents related to tennis: it can be said that the proposal of the Sky service is one of the most complete in Italy as regards this sport. In any case, from the browser you just need to access the Sports section of the official NOW portal to find everything you need, then click on the content box of your interest to start it. To watch the main sports channels live , you can instead refer to the Sports area on the air of the NOW website .

In any case, I remind you that the official application of the streaming service owned by Sky is available on multiple devices , from PCs to smartphones and tablets, via Smart TVs and video game consoles. For more information, I invite you to refer to my guides on how to activate NOW , how to install NOW , how NOW works and how to see Eurosport on NOW .


Launched in Italy in July 2018, DAZN is a streaming platform that has become particularly popular in our country, especially due to football. However, this service can potentially prove to be very interesting for tennis as well .

In fact, DAZN is a very complete service that, within its catalog, offers a bit of everything: from football to darts, through boxing and American football, just to name a few. All this is offered against the subscription of a monthly subscription of 29.99 euros .


See offer


Why should you consider this tennis serve? Simple: within the DAZN catalog there are the Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 HD channels , which often also include tennis in their programming . In any case, generally with regard to DAZN we refer to the US Open , Australian Open and Roland Garros .

Among other things, in addition to watching live matches (obviously those provided by the Eurosport channels programming), in some contexts DAZN offered the opportunity to review some great matches related to the world of tennis. To be clear, this happened, for example, in 2021 in the context of the US Open final, as explained on the official DAZN portal .

In any case, the official DAZN application is available on a vast number of devices , from smartphones and tablets to Smart TVs , up to video game consoles and PCs (where it can be accessed directly from a browser).

To start viewing Eurosport contents live, just use the appropriate search function , typing eurosport and clicking on the channel box of your choice. In short, you might be interested in investigating this possibility. For more details, you can refer to my tutorial on how DAZN works .

discovery +

It might be a little strange to you if you’ve never investigated the matter, but among the streaming services that allow you to view tennis-related content, there is also discovery + .

To be clear, the Sports section of the official discovery + portal also includes an area dedicated to tennis . The latter includes live and on demand content related to the US Open , Roland Garros and Australian Open . Furthermore, among the live channels offered by the platform there are also Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 .

There is also a page on the discovery + website dedicated to Tennis , where you can learn more about the next contents relating to this sport in relation to the platform. In any case, Discovery + certainly does not have an offer as wide as, for example, that of NOW for what concerns tennis, but its strength lies in the lower price compared to DAZN : 7.99 euros per month. for the Entertainment and Sport package (or, alternatively, 69.90 euros per year).

In any case, watching tennis through discovery + is very simple: just click on the content box of your interest (obviously once you have subscribed and logged in with your account).

For the rest, I remind you that the service is available on multiple devices , including Smart TVs and mobile devices. For all the details of the case, I recommend you to consult my tutorials on how to watch discovery + on Smart TV and how to use discovery + .

Other tennis streaming services

How do you say? Are you not satisfied with the streaming services mentioned above and you would like to consider other solutions as well ? No problem, I’ll show you further interesting possibilities right away.

In fact, you must know that there are several intriguing services , which go beyond NOW , DAZN and discovery + . Below I explore these possibilities.

  • Sky Go: this is the application that allows you to see the main contents of Sky in streaming on PC, Mac and mobile devices. There is also a Sports section that includes the main live broadcasts from Sky Sports. Obviously, a Sky subscription is requiredto access the content. In this regard, it may also like to consult my tutorial on how to see the best the sport on Sky Q . In general, the Sky Sport package, to be added to one of Sky TV (from € 14.90 per month) and Entertainment Plus (from € 19.90 per month), costs from € 16 per month. Usually this includes the ATP Masters 1000, Wimbledon and the Nitto ATP Finals. In any case, it varies greatly depending on the promotional period. Read more in my guide onhow Sky Go works .
  • ATP Tennis TV: the reference point for watching tennis matches of the ATP circuit in streaming. By signing up for a € 14.99 subscription, you can watch the Nitto ATP Finals live, as well as various on-demand content.
  • Eurosport Player: the service that allows you to watch the live broadcast of the Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 channels, already mentioned previously in the guide. There is also content on demand. The price is € 7.99 per month or € 49.99 per year. You can find more details in my guide on how Eurosport Player works .

In short, the paid services to watch content related to the world of tennis are certainly not lacking.

How to watch tennis in streaming for free

If you do not intend to subscribe to paid subscriptions like the ones I indicated in the previous chapters , you can consider some services that allow you to watch tennis in streaming for free : there are some completely dedicated to the tennis world, which allow you to watch programs, columns and games and others, more generic, which allow you to watch only the most important matches of the best tournaments.

I know it might seem a bit strange to you, but one of the most interesting solutions from this point of view is RaiPlay , the streaming service of mother Rai. In fact, the latter offers the possibility of accessing a good number of on-demand content , for example relating to the Nitto ATP Finals, as well as viewing the main Rai channels live . For all the details of the case on the service, I recommend that you consult my guides on how to access RaiPlay (the service is available on PC, Smart TV and mobile devices) and how to see RaiPlay .

For the rest, another solution that might tempt you is SuperTennis . It is in fact a channel wanted by the FIT (Italian Tennis Federation), which offers a schedule completely dedicated to tennis. It broadcasts in-depth programs, columns and live coverage of the most important matches, such as the Internazionali BNL d’Italia . To watch it in streaming, just go to the official SuperTennis portal (free registration required).

Finally, a source that could be intriguing to deepen your passion is definitely YouTube , a platform owned by Google that certainly does not need too many presentations. In this context, I would like to point out some channels dedicated to tennis to keep an eye on.

  • Australian Open TV: is the official channel of the Australian Open, the well-known tennis tournament. Upload a variety of on-demand content such as match highlights.
  • Wimbledon: it is the oldest and most prestigious tennis event in the world. During its development, on the YouTube channel it is possible to watch highlights, interviews and live broadcasts with insights and much more.
  • Roland Garros: another important tennis tournament, known for taking place on clay courts. In those days, on the official YouTube channel of the event it is possible to follow insights such as interviews and images related to the most important matches.
  • US Open: this is a particularly prominent tennis tournament. During its development, on YouTube it is often possible to follow the training sessions of the most famous tennis players in the competition, as well as being able to see on-demand content such as press conferences and the best images of the matches.

In short, even the possibilities related to watching tennis for free are certainly not lacking. You just have to choose the service that suits you best.

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