How to watch movies and series in hidden Netflix categories?

When it comes to watching movies and series, Netflix is ​​a must. So, if you don’t have it yet, you are in time to install it on your PC . Its original and varied content, position it as the number one option for users.  You can create an account on this platform . Now, in addition to what is offered in the catalogs, you can also watch movies and series in the hidden categories of Netflix. We will tell you how to do it.

What are Netflix hidden categories?

Netflix’s hidden categories are the way this platform organizes its content. Each category has a code with which it can be reproduced. If you don’t know, you won’t be able to access this category. There are thousands of categories that remain hidden, as Netflix has a wide variety of content.

Categories allow series and movies to be organized or associated by genre, theme, or style. Thus, searches become intelligent and are easier and more specific. The categories allow direct searches to a genre of film or series that you want to see; without wasting time in an extensive search for all the content of the platform.

Why are the Netflix categories hidden?

Netflix uses algorithms to analyze the searches you make and the type of content you watch. This is how it offers you the content based on the viewing history. This means that Netflix studies the behavior of each user and then offers content that may be attractive. However, it is not limiting. You can search for movies that don’t appear on the platform.

So, when searching for content on Netflix, you will always get the results based on your preferences . However, Netflix is ​​a platform that is distinguished by the extensive content it offers. So, if you want to free yourself from preference searches; We will tell you how to watch movies and series in the hidden categories of Netflix.

How to watch movies and series in hidden Netflix categories?

Now that you know what the hidden categories are and why they are like this; discover how to watch the movies and series you want in these categories. When using the Netflix browser, a URL containing the category code is automatically created . This means that, to change the category, you must modify the code and replace it with that of the chosen category.

In summary, it is a very simple step, which is summarized in: use the following URL As indicated, the final part must be replaced with the code of the new category .

Now, you may be wondering where to get the codes for each category available on Netflix. From the website ; You can find more than 3000 codes of the different hidden categories of Netflix.

This site is updated frequently to provide the best options. You just have to keep in mind that some codes may not work in your country . So you may run into some empty options.

Codes most used to watch movies and series

To facilitate access, we will leave you below, some of the codes of the most used hidden categories:

  • TV Mysteries (4366)
  • TV Comedies (10375)
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy TV (1372)
  • Children’s TV (27346) TV series of gastronomy and travel (72436)
  • Crime TV Shows (26146)
  • Mysteries (9994)
  • Psychological Thrillers (5505)
  • Gangster Movies (31851)
  • Martial arts, boxing and wrestling (6695)
  • Sport and exercise (9327)
  • Fantasy Movies (9744)
  • Science fiction with aliens (3327)
  • Romantic Comedies (5475)
  • Romantic Dramas (1255)
  • Steamy Romantic Movies (35800)
  • Disney Musicals (59433)
  • With music for children (52843)
  • Horror with zombies (75405)
  • On psychopaths and serial killers (8646)
  • Supernatural Horror Movies (42023)
  • Showbiz Dramas (5012)
  • Crime Dramas (6889)
  • Political Comedies (2700)
  • Classic Comedies (31694)

Remember to replace the code with the one that corresponds to the category presented. Now enjoy the best movies and series in hidden Netflix categories .


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