How can I sell products on Facebook with Facebook Shop

Facebook Inc. is a US company based in California that was developed in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg as a student at Harvard; the idea at that time was to create a social network to be used by the students of the University. But currently it is even used to sell products on Facebook.

How Can I Sell Products on Facebook with Facebook Shop

All this because the concept was so good that in a short time it spread to the rest of the world, becoming an online media and social network service so that people can keep in constant contact; and share content, news, information among other things with family, friends and even business people.

Currently, it has millions of users globally, of which seventy percent are calculated outside their country of origin. It offers its clients several benefits so that they are connected with the people they want; invite to certain events and promote articles or assorted merchandise .

What benefits does the Facebook network offer you?

  • Facebook, through searches, connects people to communicate with each other or look for those, of which they have not known anything for a long time, by publishing some information on the wall for the rest of the customers to observe.
  • Another benefit that it offers you is the creation of certain private or public pages for groups , so that in these meetings awareness of important issues is raised, such as donations to help victims of a disaster; or also, through the promotion of an event for this purpose.
  • It offers entertainment, interactive games to share with any user; Whether current or unknown, you can turn game notifications on and off and spend time in a fun way.
  • Both business and public people use Facebook, and through this medium, they offer as much information as promotion and campaigns of articles or products. Creating advertising for free , either for companies or for your own promotion, thus increasing your fame.

How do we add a store to the Facebook page?

Mark Zuckerberg has been accelerating the integration of third-party stores in Facebook Shopping to offer merchants another way where they can market their products, allowing any business to display, sell and add their catalogs; said store would be associated with a Facebook business account.

Now, to add a store to your Facebook, the first thing you should do is select the “Store” option from your computer in the template you have, if you do not see this tab then you must change the template; then follow the instructions by filling in the fields.

At the end of a click on “Finish” , by including the store, you are accepting the conditions that they propose, we will also mention that it will only be possible to see it, as long as at least one approved product has been placed; customers can access the store, from stories or advertisements.

How can I sell products on Facebook in Facebook Shop?

Facebook Shop will allow you to sell the products of your stores and they have recommended that this activity may be suitable for clothing, bags, furniture, suitcases, baby or children’s products, among others; The steps are the following:

  • We click on the “Store” tab from the computer .
  • Then a new click on “Add product” .
  • Then we place both images and videos of the product choosing a title for it that is short and without symbols.
  • Later you add characteristics, details, instructions , guarantee, finally the most relevant information about the product; no company websites or links are placed.
  • If you need to add other aspects such as size, color or other, click on “Edit options” .
  • If a choice of shipping, returns, or category is available , choose your options.
  • Once finished click on “Save” .

To conclude, it can be seen that the platform works in a simple way, connecting different people at any point on the globe. The moment you open your Facebook account, you begin to participate in this great social network that is so important, with which you can obtain very good benefits.


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