How to watch Amazon Prime Video on TV

Here’s how to see Amazon Prime Video on your Smart TV and not.

If you are an Amazon Prime Video subscriber and would like to watch the titles in the catalog directly on your TV, you should know that it is possible on both Smart TVs and non-Smart TVs . In this article we will explain in detail how to watch Amazon Prime Video on TV. Try Prime Video free for 30 days here .

Streaming TV has now become part of our daily life. If you use  Prime Video  to stream movies and TV series, you should know that not only does the platform allow you to watch the titles available in the catalog at any time and in any place, both from desktop and via the mobile application  but also enjoy the contents on your TV. If you want to find out how to watch Prime Video on TV , read on.

  1. Amazon Prime Video: how to watch it on your TV
    1. How to set up Amazon Prime on TV
    2. How to connect Prime Video to smart TV
    3. How to watch Prime Video on non-Smart TVs

Amazon Prime Video: how to watch it on your TV

If you are subscribed to Amazon Prime Video and would like to watch the titles in the catalog comfortably seated on the sofa, you should know that it is possible to watch Amazon Prime Video on TV . Whether you have a Smart TV or a non-Smart TV, you can enjoy watching your favorite movies and series directly on your TV.

If you are not yet a subscriber, we remind you that in order to access the Prime Video  catalog  and be able to watch movies and TV series on your TV, you need to subscribe to the Prime service. For all new subscribers, Amazon Prime is free for thirty days, then automatically renews at € 3.99 per month , or € 36 per year . You can unsubscribe at any time! And if you are a student you can take advantage of the promotion designed especially for you, which entitles you to a 50% discount on the annual subscription and a 90-day free trial, Prime Student .


Let’s see together  how to watch Amazon Prime Video on TV !

How to set up Amazon Prime on TV

Before starting to walk you through the steps to watch Amazon Prime on your TV , we want to explain how to set up your Prime account on your TV. In order to connect to the streaming platform on your TV and start viewing the contents of the catalog, in fact, you will be asked for a registration code.

Here’s how to receive the  registration code  and be able to connect Prime Video to your TV:

  • Open the Prime Video application,
  • Click on  Register on the Prime website,
  • With your computer or mobile device go to,
  • Log in to the profile with which you are subscribed to Amazon Prime Video ,
  • Enter the registration code you see on your TV screen in the appropriate field,
  • Click on  Register Device.

Attention, some devices and / or  Smart TVs  do not require the registration code.

How to connect Prime Video to smart TV

If you have a  Smart TV,  continue reading this paragraph to find out the steps to take to be able to connect Prime Video to your TV.

To be able to start watching the titles in the catalog on your Smart TV, the first thing to do is download the free Amazon Prime Video application. After installing the app, by clicking on it, you will be prompted for a registration code  (some Smart TVs and compatible devices allow you to connect simply using the username and password of your Amazon account) which, as we have already seen, you will need register on the appropriate site.

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