How to watch Amazon Prime Video on my Chromecast?

‘With the rise of Streaming, many people wonder what is the best Netflix or Amazon Prime Video platform to watch popular series and movies. What we can assure you is that today it is possible to integrate any of these options to your Chromecast so that you can enjoy the best programming from your home.

Of course, in this article we will focus mainly on Amazon Prime Video so that you can learn the correct way to view its content on the big screen if you do not yet have a Smart TV. Follow these simple steps and begin to be part of this unique digital experience.

How to watch AMAZON PRIME VIDEO on my CHROMECAST? – Streaming services

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  1. How can I find the ‘Amazon Prime Video’ app on my Chromecast?
    1. How to add Amazon Prime Video to my Chromecast device?
  2. Methods I can use to sign in to my Amazon Prime Video account from Chromecast
    1. Using the access data
    2. with my QR code
  3. How to stream an Amazon Prime Video movie on my Chromecast?
    1. From the computer
    2. With my mobile device


How can I find the ‘Amazon Prime Video’ app on my Chromecast?

First of all, you have to know that it is important that you sign up for Amazon Prime Video and pay its monthly fee so that you can watch its programming. Failure to do this will make it impossible for you to browse and download directly from your Chromecast. Having said that, in this section we show you how to accomplish this easily and without dying trying.

How to add Amazon Prime Video to my Chromecast device?

Chromecast is such a versatile device that you can watch your cell phone screen on TV or enjoy Amazon Prime Video content by adding it from your computer or mobile device . To do this, the first thing you have to do is open the Prime Video App and click on the button that says Send.

From there, you will choose the type of Chromecast device you have, making sure that it is connected to the same network connection as your mobile. Keep in mind that you can improve the latency of your WiFi network so that the browsing speed is the most optimal.

Now, you are going to choose the title that you want to display on the screen of the device connected through Chromecast. In addition to this, you can access the settings of your Chromecast so that you can change different aspects. For example, the style of the subtitles and the way they are displayed on the screen to get the most out of your Streaming content.

Methods I can use to sign in to my Amazon Prime Video account from Chromecast

There are two ways you can sign in to your Amazon Prime Video account using your Chromecast. For this reason, in this section we indicate each of them in detail so that you can select the one that you like. Of course, it is very important that you are very sure of your access data before entering this platform to watch your favorite series and movies.

Using the access data

Signing in to your Prime Video account from Chromecast is very easy. The first thing you have to do is open the application and enter your access data . Such as your name and password so that later, press on the ‘Send’ icon. Then the content will start streaming directly from the Chromecast, that’s it.

with my QR code

Alternatively, you can sign in to Amazon Prime Video from Chromecast by scanning a QR code from your account . For this, all you have to do is use the camera of your mobile device and scan the corresponding code that will redirect you to a page where you are going to enter the access data and that’s it. You will automatically start viewing Prime Video content on your TV screen.

How to stream an Amazon Prime Video movie on my Chromecast?

If you have already followed all the steps and your Chromecast is correctly linked to the Amazon Prime Video service, you can now start enjoying the best content. So, to transmit you have two options, from the computer or with your mobile, choose the way you prefer and take note of the following tips.

From the computer

To stream content like a Prime Video movie, you need to access your preferred browser and sign in with your account . By doing this, you will see the digital catalog with the entire selection of content. You must then press on the three ellipses and click on the icon that says Send.

Once this is done, the list will appear with the available devices to which the information can be sent to the screen. So, it only remains for you to select your Chromecast.

With my mobile device

If you have Android or iOS, you can also stream Prime Video content to your Chromecast. For this, you need to open the app and log in. Then, you will be able to view all the content such as series or movies. You will do it by pressing on the button that says ‘Send’ when you find something that interests you to see on the screen.

Finally, select the option of your Chromecast in case there are more devices within the list to which the content can be shared. Of course, make sure there is a good WiFi connection between your mobile and the Chromecast because otherwise, compatibility problems could arise. Also, you should make sure that the Amazon App is recently updated.

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