How to view private Instagram profile

If you are one of the millions of users of Instagram, the second largest social network in the world after Facebook, you will surely have noticed that there are some profiles of people that have a configuration so that not all people can see the information of their profiles. These accounts are called “Private Accounts” and you can recognize them because you cannot access their profiles unless you send them a follow-up request and wait for them to approve it, so that from your profile you can access their feed.

This is very often done to regulate people who want to follow accounts a bit, so that when a private account receives a follow-up request, that person will be notified and will be able to access the applicant’s profile to view their information, photos, and your entire feed, and then decide if you want to allow this person to follow your account . If the private account accepts the request, then that is where you have access to the private profile.

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  1. Methods to view a private Instagram profile without external apps
    1. Following the person
    2. From someone else’s account
  2. How can you protect your profile to avoid being spied on?

Methods to view a private Instagram profile without external apps

The Internet allows us to do almost anything we want , most of the time there are methods to overcome the restrictions that different platforms impose on users, Instagram is no exception. Certainly, there are many applications to view a private profile on Instagram, but today we will talk about some ways in which you can do it without the need to use external applications to Instagram.

Following the person

The first and most coherent thing we can do if we want to see the profile of another Instagram user, but that account is configured as private, is to make a request to follow him . When the person receives our request, then they will proceed to grant us access so that we can see all the content that they share on this platform, post, images, videos, stories and the entire profile of the person including the information of their biography.

When a person with a private account approves of being followed by another, they will no longer be restricted from viewing all of their content unless the private account manually blocks this user from being able to access their content again.

From someone else’s account

There is always the possibility that the owner of the private account deletes the follow-up request that we have sent him, this is the most common case that causes people to use applications other than Instagram to be able to access these profiles.

But if what we want is not to have to use applications external to Instagram , then another option that we can resort to is to view the private account from another account that is not yours but from a third person. This account should be able to follow the private profile that we want to access in order to see the photos, publications, stories and the full feed including the information that has been shared in the biography.

In this way you will be able to access the content of the account you want in a non-direct way and with a profile that will not reveal your true identity.

It should be noted that just as there are people who want to see the profile of private accounts out of curiosity, we cannot fail to mention that there are also people who are dedicated to phishing or identity theft . These people work every day to impersonate another person or service company with the aim of gaining the trust of their victims and then doing some kind of scam .

How can you protect your profile to avoid being spied on?

To prevent unwanted people from entering our Instagram profile through other means or external applications, there are certain recommendations that we can follow , among the most important we mention the following.

  • Unlink your Facebook account, if you have your Instagram account linked to your Facebook account, it is very possible that people interested in looking for information about you, can find you through Facebook because the latter is the one that controls all the data of Instagram users. If you wish to unlink your Facebook account , you must enter your Instagram account settings, go to the “Account” option and in the “Linked accounts” section, deactivate Facebook.
  • Block the status of the activity, Instagram like WhatsApp shows your contacts the last time you connected, block this option to protect your privacy.
  • Configure your account so that you are not tagged in publications, it often happens that people who do not know us can tag us in publications that have nothing to do with us, or our interests, for this reason it is recommended that we activate the option “Approve labels manually “, from the” Tags “menu in our account settings.
  • Check your list of followers very well and block suspicious profiles, there are fake profiles that are very easy to identify, since they have no profile picture, few or no followers and their face does not appear in any of their publications, an account with These characteristics meet all the requirements to be a fake profile or fraudulent account, delete those that are on your list of followers.
  • Finally, after configuring these aspects that we have mentioned in your profile, you can change your “Private” account, in this way only the people you approve will be able to follow you and see the information you share in your profile.

Instagram will continue to grow and every day it will have more functions and new security methods that we will get to know through its constant updates.

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