How to make your Twitter profile private

This is how you can make your Twitter account private, to protect your tweets from strangers, approve followers and avoid annoying users.

By putting your private account on Twitter you will prevent anyone other than your followers from seeing your tweets. In addition to that for someone to follow you, they will need your approval. In this post we will see how you can put your private Twitter .

Normally everyone can see your public profile, including users of the social network and anyone on the internet who finds your profile. If you want to prevent strangers from following you and seeing your Twitter posts, it is best to put the account private . Doing so is easy and I’ll show you in a few easy steps below.

How to make the Twitter account private

#1. On the cell phone or mobile device:

If you’re on a mobile device, open the app, swipe the screen to the right to open the Twitter menu, and choose Settings & privacy .

Click on Privacy and security .

Here you will find the option Protect your tweets, and you only have to activate the switch to make your Twitter private.

#2. In the computer:

Go to Twitter from the browser on your computer, click the More options icon in the menu on the left.

Choose Settings and privacy .

Now choose Privacy and security on the left, and then Audience and labels on the right.

There you will find the option Protect your Tweets , and you only have to mark the checkbox to make your Twitter private.

A small confirmation window will appear, and you must click the Protect button to confirm the action.

In this way you will have made your Twitter profile private. From that moment on, you must approve all new followers and no one who is not a follower will be able to see your tweets. You can then proceed to remove the followers you don’t want to have, and then they won’t be able to follow you without your approval.

This is the best way to avoid strangers on your profile. It is also a good way to conduct surveys only with your followers, without the intervention or alteration of interested groups.

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