How to view detailed information and file size of photos on iPhone?

Whether your iPhone is too full, or simply want to view the size and detailed information (EXIF) of photos, videos, files, we can use the built-in iOS “File App” and “iOS Shortcut Script” to do so View.

Not only can you check the format, size, size, and production date of the image, but you can also check the format and size of the file. There will be detailed instructions in this article.

How to check iPhone photo information and file size?

Both of the following methods allow us to view the photo, video details (EXIF) and file size on the iPhone:

  • Method 1. View through iOS “File App”
  • Method 2. Use iOS “Shortcut Script” to view


Method 1. Use the built-in iOS “File App” to view

In the first method, we can view detailed information such as photos, videos or file sizes through the ” File App “, but first we need to save the photos, videos or files in the File App.


step 1

Take a photo as an example. After opening the photo in the iPhone Photo App, click the ” Share ” icon in the lower left corner .


Step 2

Then select ” Save to File ” and choose the folder path you want to save.


Step 3

Then, open the ” File App ” built into the iPhone, open it according to the path you just saved, and press and hold the photo directly.


Click ” Information “.


Step 4

Then, the detailed information (EXIF) of the photo or video will be displayed here, including: file format, file size, production date, size, etc.


If you want to view the detailed information of a file (PDF, Word, PPT, etc.), you can also directly press and hold the file in the File App and click ” Information “, which will display the size and format of the file.


Method 2. Use iOS “Shortcut Script” to view

If you are too lazy to save every photo in the file App, then we can use the second method, assisted by the iOS shortcut script. For detailed teaching, please view this article:

  • Teach you to use iOS shortcuts to view iPhone photos, video sizes and detailed information with one click


step 1

Make sure you have downloaded Apple’s official “Shortcut App” and “File Details” shortcut script:

  • Click me to download “Shortcut App”
  • Click me to download the “File Details” shortcut script


Step 2

Directly open a photo or video in the Photos App, then click “Share” in the lower left corner and execute the ” File Details ” shortcut.


Step 2

Then the shortcut will display the size, file type, and production date of the photo or video.


to sum up

You can easily view the detailed information of the photos, videos or files on the iPhone through the two methods of this tutorial, including the size, size and format, etc. I recommend it to everyone in need to try it.


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