How to use SuperZoom in an Instagram story?

There are many ways to make your Instagram stories more creative . Today this social network offers you a fairly large number of tools and with them you can personalize your content, making more and more people interested in it and start following you. If you want to know a way to give a fun touch to your Instagram stories, keep reading

When stories appeared on Instagram, they came with a series of filters and effects that you could try, including SuperZoom, which allows you to record your videos in the style of a boomerang . Only that in this one a great approach was made in a specific part of the video.

In addition to this, the SuperZomm option brings with it a series of effects such as that of paparazzi, which is characterized by having the sound of many cameras taking pictures at the same time, and at the same time, fictitious flashes appear on the screen while slowly approaching. towards the focus point. The options of this filter are very varied , therefore, we will tell you how Instagram SuperZoom works.

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  1. What are the options to use Instagram SuperZoom?
  2. Why does the SuperZoom feature sometimes not appear on Instagram?
  3. What Instagram filters do SuperZoom do?

What are the options to use Instagram SuperZoom?

To use the Super Zoom option in stories , you must first go to your Instagram account. Then you must enter the part of making stories and look for the tool that is located in the lower left part of your screen. Once you click on it you will see a series of effects that you can choose from.

Why does the SuperZoom feature sometimes not appear on Instagram?

Lately, several people have reported that the SuperZoom option does not appear , which has caused many questions and annoyance among users . If that has happened to you, you must be wondering what happens with this option? It has been believed that Instagram has temporarily or permanently removed the option.

However, some users have commented that you can use it if you use some techniques such as changing your  location . It is known that some users have managed to get the SuperZoom option to appear after changing the location they are in, but it has not worked for everyone.

Another option is to change the device because your mobile may be very old and hardly recognize the updates of the Instagram platform . Remember that this application is constantly evolving, making it difficult to function properly on older devices.

The third option you can try is deleting the app’s cache . For that you must go to the control panel of your device, and enter the storage area. Select the Instagram application and go down to where you find the delete cache button, click there then enter the application to do the test.

If this doesn’t work, try deleting the app data . This is done in much the same way as the previous step. Only instead of pressing the ‘clear cache’ button, you should press ‘clear data’. Keep in mind that you will have to log in to your Instagram again , so try to remember your access data such as username and password.

The fifth and final option that you can try is by uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app . Many times your applications can present failures for various reasons, one of them being that it was not downloaded correctly, which causes many options to be lost.

What Instagram filters do SuperZoom do?

First you have the option of the heart filter that is characterized by slow zooming while the screen fills with pink hearts and many colors. The second filter available, which is called fire, is characterized by having somewhat heavy rock music while the screen fills with fire. It should be noted that this puts you some pretty cool sunglasses.

Similarly, there is the paparazzi filter that is characterized by the sound of many cameras taking pictures while it gradually approaches the focal point. This while various flashes come out of different directions on the screen.

There ‘s also the ‘tv show’ filter  that sets the story with classical music and stars. In short, this filter gives your story a very eighties effect.

The dramatic effect makes music sound somewhat dramatic , (as its name implies). And it zooms twice. This effect is perfect for getting your followers interested in the drama of your story.

There is the surprise effect that generates a rather loud sound and in turn creates a comic panel effect on the screen. Perfect for when you want to announce a surprise to your followers.

The filter called nostalgia creates a dull effect on the screen while a song is playing that will make you feel quite sad. This is perfect for when you want to post a story remembering a special moment or people who are gone.


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